The Word Among Us

Lent 2018 Issue

Publisher's Letter

Come into the Desert

Have you ever noticed how quickly we take control of our lives when things are going well, but when a crisis arises we quickly and instinctively turn to God? It seems to be an all-too-human response. More »


Upward, Inward, Outward

What am I going to give up this year? We’re all familiar with questions like this one. They come up every year around Ash Wednesday. More »

When You Pray

A wife is diagnosed with cancer. A son leaves the Church. A coworker is hospitalized after a collision on the highway. A neighbor loses her job. Millions of people go to sleep with no food, no health care, and no home. Thousands of young women are forced into sex slavery. A nation rejects the right of the unborn to live. An entire population suffers under a tyrant’s rule. More »

When You Fast

Here’s a great irony: we love to eat, and God loves to feed us. We place a special value on meals shared in homes, and God has asked us to organize our worship at Mass around the idea of eating and drinking. More »

When You Give Alms

Prayer is an ever-expanding challenge. There are two basic options: either we deepen our prayer life, or it will grow dull and lifeless. This isn’t as surprising as it may sound. More »

Special Feature

A “Pilgrim” in His Heart

Every year when Lent approaches, my thoughts turn to St. Ignatius Loyola. He’s one of the great saints: founder of the Jesuits, author of the Spiritual Exercises, a giant of religious and secular history. More »

Finding God in All Things

St. Ignatius Loyola taught people to pray by helping them become aware of God’s presence in their daily lives. More »

What a Friend We Have

By the time I was in eighth grade, my family had taught me a lot about our Catholic faith. I had a string of prayers, including the Rosary, that I prayed at night before bed. If I was nervous before taking a test at school, I said a quick prayer asking for God’s help. More »

Becoming a Better Man

In 1990, I passed the bar exam and added “attorney” to my résumé on top of the label “accountant.” I started my own law practice and found some real estate clients. I was relieved for the extra income as my wife and I started a family. More »