The Word Among Us

Easter 2018 Issue

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

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A Healed Past, a Promising Future

Happy Easter! Today, we sing "Alleluia" and proclaim that Christ is risen. This is the day above all days that we rejoice in Jesus’ resurrection and our salvation from sin and death. More »

A Living Hope

Poor Peter! Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, he had lost his hope. Jesus, the rabbi he had followed for three entire years, had been arrested—and Peter had caved into pressure, denying that he even knew Jesus. Could there possibly be any redemption for this poor man? More »

A Celebration of Hope

Christmas and Easter were always special occasions for Roberto and Ines Garcia. More »

Special Feature

St. Maria Goretti’s Murderer

In 1902, at the age of twenty, Italian sharecropper Alessandro Serenelli gained instant infamy when he killed a young girl named Maria Goretti. More »

Thirsty for Grace

The great illusion of many alcoholics is that we are alone and that drinking will help us fit in with the world. This illusion had become a lifestyle for me by the time I moved to New York City at age twenty-five. But no amount of alcohol, casual sex, or expensive clothing could relieve my inner loneliness. In a city of eight million people, the loneliest place to be was in a crowd. More »

Reaching Their Hearts

The book Don’t Be Afraid to Say Yes to God! Pope Francis Speaks to Young People presents the pope’s messages and words to young Catholics. It includes thoughtful questions for each chapter developed by Fr. Mike Schmitz. The Word Among Us talked to Fr. Mike about his new book, Pope Francis, and how the Church (all of us) can better reach out to young people. More »