The Word Among Us

May 2018 Issue

A Constant Flow of Grace

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Publisher's Letter

Receive the Holy Spirit!

Many saints have written countless pages describing the Holy Spirit. St. Basil, for instance, wrote an entire treatise proving that the Spirit truly was the third Person of the Blessed Trinity. St. John Vianney, on the other hand, constantly focused on how we can experience the Spirit’s power in our lives. More »


Be Filled with the Spirit

The six weeks after Easter Sunday must have been exciting for Jesus’ disciples. For forty days, Jesus, now risen from the dead, continued to appear to them, preparing them to go out and proclaim the gospel to the world. Then, just before he ascended into heaven, he promised them something even greater. “In a few days,” he told them, “you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit. . . . You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you” (Acts 1:5, 8). More »

So Many Experiences of Grace

When a mother hugs her son, that embrace is a visible, tangible sign of her love for him. It tells her son, “I love you.” When a student graduates from medical school, the diploma she receives is a visible, tangible sign that conveys an invisible truth. That diploma tells everyone, “This person now has enough training and experience to begin to practice medicine.” More »

The Convicting, Convincing Voice of the Spirit

In the movie The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy discovers, after a long and harrowing journey, that she has had the power to go home all the time. She didn’t need to risk her life to find the Wizard. She didn’t need to travel the Yellow Brick Road or face the Wicked Witch of the West. Everything she needed was in her ruby slippers. She just had to click her heels three times, and she would be right back in Kansas. More »

Special Feature

A Mother’s Mission

Every year, Pentecost makes me think wistfully about the work of evangelization I did during my college years. The Bible studies and retreats that I invited other students to attend made a visible impact. But after I married, had a child, and stopped working full-time, my “mission field” didn’t seem so clear-cut. I often wondered: “How can I build the Church when I can barely keep up with laundry? How can I be open to anything extra when I’m tied to a baby who needs to eat every two hours?” More »

A Footbridge to Surrender

I had worked in the special education program only a couple of months. Why did it feel like forever? From the outset I knew that the six little boys in the program could be unpredictable and violent, but two elements of the job were unexpectedly difficult: the physical rigors and the unrelenting pace. The combination of both of these elements left me exhausted and stressed-out. I had taken this part-time job as a “step down” from full-time work. But instead of feeling more rested, I was at my wit’s end. More »

Fueled by the Holy Spirit

In his new book, Amazed by God’s Grace, Deacon Larry Oney shares how God’s grace took him by surprise and gradually brought him into full-time ministry in the Catholic Church. We recently spoke with Deacon Larry about his journey of faith. More »