The Word Among Us

June 2018 Issue

Put off the Old, Put on the New

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Publisher's Letter

Put Off the Old, Put on the New

Creation is amazing. Whether I’m hiking in the woods, gazing on a garden filled with beautiful flowers, or watching our two dogs play together, I am left in awe at the wonders of the natural world. More »


We Have the Mind of Christ

Conventional wisdom tells us that a college education is not primarily about taking courses, reading books, or passing tests. Of course these are all important parts of the college experience. But these kinds of measurement tend to place the focus on a more superficial level. On a deeper level, the value of a college education lies in the way a student’s mind can be shaped—specifically as they learn how to think logically, write clearly, and speak confidently. More »

Take Your Stand

If there’s anyone who knows about temptation, it has to be Jesus. At the very beginning of his ministry, he spent forty days in the wilderness dealing with the devil’s lies, half-truths, and accusations. More »

Open My Eyes, Lord!

Jim had an uncanny knack for needling people. Whenever an opportune moment came, you could be sure that a sarcastic comment or negative joke was going to come out of his mouth. More »

Special Feature

Fulfilling a Sacred Vision

When he was about nine years old, an Oglala Lakota boy received a vision. Two men came down from the clouds and brought him into a sacred tent. More »

A Heart of Flesh

A simple sign labeled “Eucharistic Chapel” was taped to a wooden door in the hallway of the hospital where I worked as a physician assistant. Although I was a practicing Catholic, I had passed by that door for months. More »

Secure in the Truth

Not everyone believes that the devil is real. It’s easy to think that he’s nothing more than a character in scary books and movies. But Deacon Keith Strohm’s new book, The 10 Biggest Lies of the Enemy—and How to Combat Them, offers this plain truth: the devil is real. In fact, he’s personified in every subtle lie and accusation that wedges itself between us and other people and between us and God. If that sounds scary, here’s the good news: we all can counteract Satan and his lies with a little guidance. More »