The Word Among Us

July/August 2018 Issue

Eye Has Not Seen; Ear Has Not Heard

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Personal Words from a Personal God

Did you know that when you eat a bowl of ice cream, you are eating something called an emulsion? More »

A Word That Lifts Us Up

On March 23, 1857, the E. V. Haughwout and Company department store in New York City opened the first commercial elevator in the world. More »

Opened Heavens, Open Hearts

We know that God has created us with the capacity—the potential—to know him personally and intimately. More »

Special Feature

Ministering Face-to-Face Heart-to-Heart

This is the second of three stories in our Synod 2018 series focusing on vocations. In October, Pope Francis will convene a worldwide synod of bishops and heads of religious orders to discuss the faith, young people, and vocations. Our subject this month is the vocation to the priesthood, as we look at St. Turibius of Mogrovejo, a lawyer-turned-bishop whose humility, administrative genius, and generosity made him a pioneer of the faith in South America. More »

God Is Always Emmanuel

Sometimes it takes an epiphany to help you really understand a Scripture passage. More »

Being “Nana,” Not Mom

Sometimes I think I know better than my adult children what’s best for my grandchildren. More »