The Word Among Us

Lent 2019 Issue

God So Loved the World

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Publisher's Letter

He Is a Good, Good God

Happy Lent! We don’t usually think of Lent as a “happy” time, but we should. This is perhaps the most important season of the Church year, when God invites you and me to draw even closer to him. More »

Did God Really Say That?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” So begins Charles Dickens’ classic novel A Tale of Two Cities. As we look at our world, we might come to a similar conclusion. More »

Love, Mercy, and Grace

Think about how different heaven is from earth. On earth, sin continues to wound people every day. In heaven, not only is there no sin, but there is no temptation either. More »

Return to Me

It’s the call we hear every year during Lent: “Return to me with your whole heart” (Joel 2:12). More »

The Goodness of God

O Lord, if I could fly to my people and tell them of your goodness at the top of my voice: oh, how many souls would be won!
—St. Josephine Bakhita

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Special Feature

Unless a Grain of Wheat Dies

“Today, in the cathedral, it is the blood of a priest who is crying out: Rafael Palacios! More »

More than a Healing

What would you do with your life if you got a second chance to live? More »

The Gift of Closeness

When a mother brings a beautiful baby boy into the world, she does not visualize her child growing up to be a drug addict, living on the street, or bouncing in and out of incarceration. More »