The Word Among Us

Advent 2019 Issue

Come Let Us Adore Him

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Publisher's Letter

Come, Journey to Bethlehem

Thank you for joining us this Advent! Not only that, but thank you for joining the one-and-a-half million other people in more than one hundred countries who will also be using this little booklet as a traveling companion on their Advent journey. More »


A Time of Silence

Christmas. Carols fill the airwaves. New, elaborate decorations pop up on city streets, in shopping centers and around people’s homes. More »

Mary’s Advent Journey

What would our celebration of Christmas be if the Virgin Mary were only a “bit player” in the drama? More »

The Journey of the Magi

On the first Sunday of Advent this year, we heard the prophet Isaiah promise a future time when “all nations” would join in a great procession up Mount Zion to worship the Lord in his Temple. More »

Special Feature

Bringing Heaven to Earth

For many of us, the day after Christmas is spent returning gifts, visiting relatives, or taking down our Christmas trees. But liturgically speaking, December 26 has traditionally been seen as the day to go out and live in the spirit of Christ—the Christmas spirit. More »

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for Us

In my childhood home, there was an icon of Mary whose eyes seemed to follow me in whatever direction I went as I passed by it. My grandmother jokingly said that Mary was always watching me, so I had better be good. More »

Unburdened: Why I Am Pro-Life

My daughter is now thirty-six years old, but in 1998, when she was fifteen, she became pregnant. Both my wife and I felt blindsided. We were still working, and abortion was legal; it would cost just $250. That was a small price to pay for the years of hardship we all could avoid—or so we thought. More »