The Word Among Us

January 2020 Issue

Members of One Family

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Publisher's Letter

One Family in Christ

I grew up in a big Catholic family—I had eight brothers and sisters! And today, even though we live great distances from one another, I still feel very committed to them. We don’t all agree on everything, and we all have different philosophies of life. Still, if any of us were in real need, I know that every one of us would do anything we could to help. More »


Lord, Make Us One!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re sitting in your pew at church waiting for Mass to begin, when “he” walks in and sits down in the pew right behind you. More »

Members of One Family

For many people, it can seem as if ecumenism—the work of bringing together divided Christians—is an optional extra. More »

Be United in Love

It often surprises Catholics to learn that the Church calls all of its members to embrace the work of ecumenism. More »

Special Feature

A Frustrated Contemplative

The fourth century was a time when Christianity’s deepest questions were being debated and clarified: Was Jesus fully God and fully man or fully God and partially man—or vice versa? More »

A God of Miracles

My term paper had become a personal crusade of sorts. I wanted to prove to my college professor that the resurrection of Jesus Christ had never happened. More »

In Silence, God Speaks

Over the years, I’ve discovered something about drawing closer to God: it helps to practice inward silence in a place of silence. More »