The Word Among Us

July/August 2020 Issue

This Is the Day the Lord Has Made

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Publisher's Letter

The Lord of All Time

Do you feel that life is just too busy? Maybe you find yourself rushing around but never having enough time to accomplish everything you want to. Or maybe you wish that life were a little busier. You wish you had more projects to do, more interactions with other people. More »


The Lord of Our Time

One Sabbath, Jesus and his disciples were passing by a field of grain. The disciples were hungry, so they picked the heads of the grain to eat. Some Pharisees saw this and got quite angry! More »

Do Not Fear

The future was looking bright for Jesus’ disciples. Peter had just proclaimed Jesus as the Son of God and received the keys to the kingdom. Jesus had promised that even the gates of hell would not prevail against them (Matthew 16:13-20)! Everything seemed to be moving forward. Yet soon afterward, Jesus began speaking about his coming passion and death. That certainly wasn’t the future they had expected. More »

A Day of Favor from God

Do you remember the parable Jesus told about the rich fool? His land produced a bountiful harvest, so he began making plans to store his extra grain: he would tear down his old barns and build larger ones. He envisioned a future life of ease and relaxation. But for that man, tomorrow never came. He died that very night (Luke 12:16-21). More »

Special Feature

Whom God Has Pardoned . . .

Shortly after his thirty-second birthday, a Dominican priest named Fr. Jean-Joseph Lataste had an opportunity to share the message of God’s mercy with a group of women prison inmates. His brief retreat set in motion a powerful ministry for wounded women. Lataste died less than five years later, at age thirty-six, but the original story of the Dominican Sisters of Bethany offers the world a moving sign of the depths of God’s mercy and his power to restore his children to wholeness. More »

He Knew All Along

After working in physical therapy for almost twenty years, I stumbled across a new job in home-based health care. I had previously worked in many different settings, including short-term rehab, nursing homes, and outpatient facilities. But nothing I had ever done could prepare me for the blessings I would receive treating geriatric patients in their homes. There is something about being welcomed into a patient’s own environment that warms my heart. It allows me to discover the small, everyday spaces of their lives and connect with them there. More »

A Legacy of Prayer, Song, and Faith

I grew up as the fourth of nine children in Hungary before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. By the time I came of age, the sharp edge of discrimination by the government against religious practices had worn down into a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Nobody asked, and we didn’t tell. We lived our faith strictly within the family, and we never talked about it in public. We participated in Mass on Sundays and then cautiously left the church building, hoping that no one had seen us. More »