The Word Among Us

October 2020 Issue

The Greatest of These Is Love

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Publisher's Letter

Be at Peace with Each Other

In those first decades following Jesus’ death and resurrection, the early Christians were changed by two key experiences: first, they came to believe that Jesus is the Messiah and the risen Son of God. More »


You Are Now Brothers and Sisters

p>Love One Another. We know St. Paul as the Apostle to the Gentiles and a fearless missionary. But Paul was also a dedicated pastor who taught people how to live out their faith together. More »

The Fruit of the Spirit is Peace

In the first article, we saw how revolutionary St. Paul’s Letter to Philemon was. Not only did Paul ask Philemon to reject traditional divisions by taking back a runaway slave, but he also asked him to receive this slave as his own brother in the Lord. More »

The Greatest of These is Love

Most of us would agree that the world today is characterized by division and disagreement more than it is by unity and common values. There are so many viewpoints, and people often hold them very strongly. More »

Special Feature

The Anonymous “Angel” of Alcoholics Anonymous

On June 10, 1935, two men in Akron, Ohio, sat across the table from one another. Bill Wilson, a self-proclaimed “hopeless alcoholic,” and Dr. Bob Smith, a surgeon who couldn’t perform his next operation without a drink, were desperate and trying to talk each other out of taking their next drink. More »

God, the Greatest Engineer

I had been teaching high school catechism for only a few years when I was asked to train new religion teachers. I protested that I was the wrong person for the job:“I’m not a teacher by training; I’m an engineer!” More »

Good News for the Next Stage of Our Lives

It might be retirement. It might be the last child leaving home. It might be a significant birthday. But all of us wake up one day and think, “How can I be this old?” More »