The Word Among Us

January 2021 Issue

Show Me the Way, Lord

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The Priority of Prayer

What do you think Jesus might say if a talk-show host were to ask him what his top priorities were? Maybe he would answer, “Loving people,” “Reaching out to the poor and maligned,” or “Spreading the good news about the kingdom of heaven.” More »

Show Me the Way, Lord

One day, a young executive asked the president of his company, “How do you run this company so well? It gets more profitable every year. What’s your secret?” More »

Where Is God?

Thirty years ago, our three-year-old daughter, Christine, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her eyes. Suddenly, a crisis was upon our family. Back then, I was president of The Word Among Us magazine. You would think I would have responded with more faith and trust. But I didn’t. More »

Special Feature

Learning from 2020

The Word Among Us asked Fr. Mike Schmitz, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries for the Diocese of Duluth and author of the new book A World Undone, to take stock of the unprecedented events of 2020 and give us his spiritual insights for 2021. More »

In Perpetual Service of the Sick

Legend has it that when Camilla Compelli de Laureto was pregnant with her last child in 1550, she had a dream about that child’s future. She saw her son as an adult, wearing an emblem of a cross on his chest, leading other men wearing the same cross. More »

The Boy in the Blanket

You wouldn’t call my childhood the happiest one a person could have. Growing up in a tiny, run-down house as the tenth of twelve children—with parents who struggled with mental health issues—I certainly learned about the fear of God. But I didn’t know how much God loved me. More »