The Word Among Us

September 2021 Issue

I Am He Who Comforts You

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Publisher's Letter

Prayer, the Source of Life

As different as each of us is, it’s no wonder that our prayer lives are different as well. One may feel distant from the Lord and dry during their prayer, while another may sense a great closeness with God. More »


Prayer during Times of Crisis

The last eighteen months have been difficult—and for some of us, the difficulties still remain. Every day the media floods us with news that is not always uplifting. But this experience can also be an invitation to draw closer to God and to deepen our life of prayer. More »

Our Witness of Hope

The COVID crisis shed light on the fragility of our world. Our way of life was profoundly turned upside down. Many people have had a hard time with it because they lost their usual points of reference. More »

Wisdom of a Silent Saint

When Pope Francis decreed a special year dedicated to St. Joseph last December, I saw it as a sign of hope. In the difficult times we are going through, Joseph will not fail to protect and guide us. Just as he watched over the child Jesus and his mother, we can trust that he will watch over the Church today. More »

Special Feature

A Mystery, Not a Problem

About a year ago, I was celebrating Confirmation at a local parish when a grandmother came up and said, “Archbishop, my granddaughter has a question for you.” So I asked the girl, “What’s the question?” And she said, “Archbishop, why was my brother born with autism?” More »

He’s Going to Be Okay

In 2001, it became evident that my oldest son was severely addicted to drugs—and had been for some time. At thirty-eight years old, Greg held a good job and lived in a beautiful home with his wife and their two children, with another child on the way. More »

My College “Education” in Discipleship

During my high school years, I desperately wanted to fit in, so I did whatever was expected of me. At church, I acted like a good Catholic girl. But at school, I flirted with boys and inched my way toward the partying scene. Depending on who I was with, I did my best to be whoever my friends wanted me to be. More »