The Word Among Us

October 2022 Issue

The Kingdom Is at Hand

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Publisher's Letter

Your Faith Has Healed You

This issue of The Word Among Us focuses on the gift of healing. What’s your immediate reaction when you hear that? More »


The Kingdom of God Is at Hand

Jesus’ healing miracles didn’t end when he ascended into heaven. He still heals people in our own day—and more often than we think! More »

Your Faith Has Made You Well

Your faith has made you well.” No statement of Jesus’ appears more often in the Gospels. No saying is more characteristic of his healing miracles. More »

Ask and You Will Receive

What would happen if large numbers of Catholics and other Christians took to heart Jesus’ instruction to proclaim the gospel not only in words but in mighty deeds? More »

Special Feature

A Light in the Darkness

Humans are great at building things. We’ve built everything from Lego castles to spaceships. We also break things. More »

An Angel Among Us

In 1987, my wife, Marilyn, and I had everything we ever wanted: a wonderful marriage, a healthy young son, another child on the way, and fulfilling, successful careers. More »

Marking Time with the Lord

Isn’t it amazing how much our lives are dictated by schedules? The new year, the first day of school, kids’ sports practices, the work calendar—they all demand that we set goals or meet expectations created by other people. More »