The Word Among Us

November 2022 Issue

We Wait in Joyful Hope

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Publisher's Letter

Mercy Triumphs over Judgment

Every November the Church highlights Scripture texts that urge us to be prepared for the day when Jesus comes again. And yet many of us Catholics (and that includes me!) don’t think about Jesus’ Second Coming very often. More »


Lift Up Your Heads!

Every November, as the year winds down to a close, the Church turns our attention to the Second Coming of Jesus. We begin by looking to heaven on All Saints Day and All Souls Day, and we end by celebrating Jesus’ Lordship on the feast of Christ the King. More »

Keep the Flame Alive

It’s a familiar enough, and simple enough, parable. Ten bridesmaids are keeping watch for the bridegroom to come and begin the wedding celebration. Five—called “foolish”—run out of oil for their lamps, so they have to go into town to buy more. More »

Take Risks for the Lord

In 2006 an American businessman named Blake Mycoskie was traveling in Argentina when he met a woman who was part of a volunteer organization that provided shoes for poor children. Mycoskie spent some time with the group as they traveled from village to village. More »

Care for the Poor and Forgotten

So far we have seen that Jesus wants us to be ready for his Second Coming by making sure we have “oil” in our “lamps” and by being able to give him a “return on his investment.” More »

Special Feature

The Saint Who Didn’t Fit In

Hagios—this Greek word means “set apart” or “different.” It’s also the word for “saint.” And what could be a more appropriate word? Many saints are “different.” Many, if not most, have set themselves apart from the world. More »

Transformed through Adoration

It was the middle of summer in 2006. My husband and I were almost done building the home we now live in. The project had gone on much longer than we anticipated. More »

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift of All

December can be a chaotic month for families. There are school projects to finish and concerts to attend. The home needs to be decorated, and there’s baking to do. More »