The Word Among Us

June 2023 Issue

Publisher's Letter

“This Is My Body”

As Catholics, we know and profess that Jesus is fully and truly present in the consecrated bread and wine at Mass. More »


A Living Sacrifice in Christ

Concepción Cabrera de Armida, also known as “Conchita,” was an early twentieth-century Mexican mystic. More »

United With Christ and His Church

We have already reflected on the consecration of the Mass. Now we have reached the next moment of the Eucharistic feast, that of Holy Communion. More »

It’s Never Too Late

The Lord, if we allow him, can use our lives to announce his gospel. There are times, in fact, when we seem to embody different biblical heroes and “repeat” their actions, often unconsciously. More »

A New Home Built on Hope

My family took the exit toward our home. Like so many times before, a man stood at the corner. More »