The Word Among Us

September 2023 Issue

I Must Be in My Father's House

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Publisher's Letter

Compelled by God’s Love

Welcome to September and the start of a new school year! If you have school-aged children or grandchildren, you might hear them say, “I had a really fun summer, but now I have to go to school!” More »


I Must . . .

When do you think is the first time Jesus speaks in the Bible? Is it the beginning of the Gospel of John, when he asks two disciples of John the Baptist, “What are you looking for?” (1:38). More »

In My Father’s House

No one has seen a truly beautiful building unless he has seen the Temple.” That’s what one rabbi wrote around the time of Jesus, and he wasn’t exaggerating. More »

Special Feature

An “Apostle of China”

Jesus never really fit the traditional mold of a Jewish rabbi, did he? He was a celibate man, but he traveled with a band of disciples that included women (Luke 8:1-3). More »

Weep No More

Bob and I met in the summer of 1955, and after a whirlwind courtship, we were married on September 4. More »