The Word Among Us

January/February 2024 Issue

Healing the Wounded Body of Christ

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Publisher's Letter

“Lord, May We Be One!”

This month, the Church joins Christians of other traditions in observing the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. More »


That All May Be One

How often God works in unexpected ways! Paul Couturier did not discover his full vocation until he had lived for more than half a century. More »

I Am Your Brother

The new pope is . . . like the son of Jacob who, meeting with his brothers, showed them the tenderness of his heart and, bursting into tears, said, “I am Joseph, your brother.” More »

On a Pilgrimage of Trust

“Poetry—that is what the church should be!” announced Brother Roger, founder of an ecumenical community of Roman Catholic and Protestant brothers in the tiny village of Taizé, France. More »

Special Feature

Why This Waste?

The moment that Ani Pennings saw the photo of three-year-old Pepito on her adoption agency’s listing, she knew it in her heart: this is our son. More »

St. Augustine’s Search for Truth

We all share a universal desire to know the truth. In the fourth century AD, St. Augustine searched for the truth by exploring various philosophical theories. More »

Letting Go of the Masks

Oh, the growth the Lord provides, no matter our age or season of life! I grew up in a Catholic family bearing the challenge of a parent who struggled with alcoholism and mental illness. More »