The Word Among Us

July/August 2019 Issue

A Dangerous Climb

My brush with death helped me to surrender to the Spirit.

By: Deacon Dave Brencic

A Dangerous Climb: My brush with death helped me to surrender to the Spirit. by Deacon Dave Brencic

“Dave, surrender,” my physical therapist said. “Isn’t that what they say in church? It’s the same thing in physical therapy.” The analogy made me smile as the therapist worked on my broken lower leg. For more than three months, I had faced a daily challenge of surrendering to the Holy Spirit. It all began with my decision to go hiking on the Cathedral Rock Trail in Sedona, Arizona. My wife, Jane, decided the trail was too steep and chose to stay back. I pressed on, lured by the promise of a breathtaking view at the summit.

A Lifesaving . . . Cactus? The steep climb took longer than I expected. I began to tire, and I knew Jane was still waiting for me below....


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