The Word Among Us

Easter 2004 Issue

Chosen, Destined, & Sanctified

The First Letter of Peter has much to tell us about who we are in Christ.

Imagine what it must have been like in those first months and years after Jesus' resurrection. The fear and despair that the apostles experienced on Good Friday quickly washed away when Jesus appeared to them on Easter Sunday. And then the next forty days were spent learning from Jesus about the kingdom of God in a whole new way. They knew now that they weren't just hearing provocative teachings from a charismatic rabbi. The kingdom that Jesus talked about had become a life-changing reality for them. Jesus had breathed the Holy Spirit upon them, causing them to receive the promise of heaven in their hearts.

Exiles in This World, Yet Chosen by God. These first apostles had a direct experience of Jesus, both before and after his resurrection....


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