The Word Among Us

Easter 2023 Issue

Embracing “This New Life”

The Mini-Miracles That Got Me Through My Divorce

By: Suzanne Beck

Embracing “This New Life”: The Mini-Miracles That Got Me Through My Divorce by Suzanne Beck

The hotel room reeled as I hung up the call, stunned and in tears. The intensity of the week spent in class working toward my master’s degree seemed to pale in comparison to this news. My husband of thirty-two years had decided, in my week’s absence, that our marriage was over. He had already moved out. Everything was a blur as I headed home. Questions came one after another. Where was God in all this? How could I ever be divorced? Hadn’t I done everything I possibly could to save my marriage? What would I do alone? How would I manage financially? Emotionally?

I was overwhelmed with sadness and confusion. I had been a “good wife” for years. I tried to keep my husband happy and not rock the...


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