The Word Among Us

May 2024 Issue

Finding God in the Home Goods Aisle

How the Holy Spirit Helped Me in a Medical Emergency

By: Maureen Shackleton

Finding God in the Home Goods Aisle: How the Holy Spirit Helped Me in a Medical Emergency by Maureen Shackleton

We always hear about how God is with us and how the Holy Spirit wants to help us. But it’s one thing to hear this truth and another thing to experience it in a powerful and unmistakable way. I’m not talking about small things, like God helping us find a parking space or cheering us up when we’re feeling a little sad. I’m talking about a dramatic intervention that convinces us of this truth. That’s what happened to me one day a few years ago.

Going into “Mom Mode.” It was Holy Thursday, and I was out shopping at a local department store. Suddenly I heard a woman cry out,...


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