The Word Among Us

February 2020 Issue

I Saw That I Wasn’t Alone

The “ripple effect” of Catholic men’s groups.

By: Patty Whelpley

I Saw That I Wasn’t Alone: The “ripple effect” of Catholic men’s groups. by Patty Whelpley

On the other end of the phone, Mike could hear his daughter sniffling. “I miss you, Dad. When can I see you?” Without an answer and feeling powerless, all that Mike MacDonald* could do was to say “I love you” and hang up. Inside, he was fuming at his ex-wife. She had gone across the country to live with another man, taking their children with her. Mike was angry at his circumstances and angry at God. How was it “just” for a faithful, loving husband and father to end up alone, divorced, and unable to see his children? He still went to work every day and to Mass each Sunday, but his life felt mechanical and joyless.

Mike realized he had no one to love. There were no more school drop-offs, midnight feedings, baths, and library trips in his life. He...


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