The Word Among Us

February 2022 Issue

Just Show Up . . . and Be Present

How to Handle the Unimpressive Seasons Of Life

By: Fr. Mike Schmitz

Just Show Up . . . and Be Present: How to Handle the Unimpressive Seasons Of Life by Fr. Mike Schmitz

Who is the most important, influential person in your life? Maybe one of your parents or your spouse or a close friend. It could be your supervisor at work or an aunt or uncle who was deeply invested in your upbringing. My guess is that if you were to step back and put aside the impact that person made on your life, you’d probably conclude they were pretty ordinary. You would look at their day-to-day lives and see that it was filled with everyday tasks: grocery shopping, working at their job, picking up their kids, maybe volunteering at their parish. They weren’t superheroes or great movers and shakers in the world. They were just ordinary people.

In this article, I want to look at what growth in the Lord really looks like. I think when it comes to growth—when it comes to...


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