The Word Among Us

October 2021 Issue

My Journey from Rage to Forgiveness

God Helped Me Deal with the Loss of My Daughter

By: Pat Bluth

My Journey from Rage to Forgiveness: God Helped Me Deal with the Loss of My Daughter by Pat Bluth

“See you later,” I said to Tammy, the oldest of our three children. My husband and I, along with our two other children, were heading home from the high school football game while Tammy and her friends headed for the school dance. At seventeen, Tammy was full of dreams. She played the piano and clarinet, was on the basketball team, and her grades put her at the top of her class. She dreamed of becoming an airline pilot or a doctor.

No one could have prepared me for the ambulance driver who knocked on our door that night. He told us that a drunk driver had crashed...


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