The Word Among Us

Easter 2021 Issue

No One Is Ever Lost

Jacques Fesch: Convicted Murderer, Converted Christian

By: Ann Bottenhorn

No One Is Ever Lost: Jacques Fesch: Convicted Murderer, Converted Christian by Ann Bottenhorn

On February 25, 1954, a young man fleeing a botched robbery in Paris panicked and shot wildly. He killed a policeman and seriously wounded a bystander. The would-be thief was arrested, condemned to death by guillotine, and confined in La Santé maximum-security prison. An atheist when he entered, he experienced a conversion so profound that, on the night before his execution, he wrote, “My head will fall—glorious ignominy—with heaven for its prize! I am happy.” The lost soul of Jacques Fesch had been salvaged in prison by Christ.

Juvenile Delinquent, Playboy, Murderer. Born on April 6, 1930, Jacques Fesch was raised in an atmosphere that seems to have drained him...


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