The Word Among Us

July/August 2021 Issue

Separating the Truth from the Lie

How the Examen Prayer Can Set Us Free

Separating the Truth from the Lie: How the Examen Prayer Can Set Us Free

We all know the value of retreats—of withdrawing from the world for a short time to focus on our lives in Christ. Iñigo arrived in Manresa and retreated to a cave—for eleven months! It was a difficult but crucial time in which he learned a great deal about himself. He learned to distinguish between the inspirations of the “good spirit”—the Holy Spirit—and the temptations of the “evil spirit”—or Satan. He also learned to recognize how the evil spirit was trying to derail his determination to grow closer to God.

While living in Manresa, Iñigo underwent two profound temptations. The first attacked his future, and the second attacked his past....


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