The Word Among Us

Easter 2004 Issue

The Battle for Life

A factory worker wins the lottery and becomes a millionaire overnight. An older married couple discover that they are pregnant. A starving orphan in Sudan is adopted by a wealthy European family and whisked off to a new life of privilege and plenty. In each of these situations, an unexpected turnaround causes someone's life to change dramatically, and for the better. But as wonderful as these turnarounds are, it's also true that the changes described in each situation will require a significant amount of adjustment. The orphan from Sudan, for instance, must learn a whole new language and culture. The childless couple must learn how to welcome a new person into their lives and deal with all the challenges of parenthood at an older age.

If we were to try to put these scenarios in the language of the Bible, we might end up with something like this: "I just found out that...


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