The Word Among Us

April 2013 Issue

The Greatest Invitation in the World

In a new book, Pope Benedict XVI leads us to friendship with Jesus.

The Greatest Invitation in the World: In a new book, Pope Benedict XVI leads us to friendship with Jesus.

"I have called you friends,” Jesus told the disciples at the Last Supper (John 15:15). And that’s the invitation he gives us as well.

How awesome that the eternal Son of God wants such a close relationship with us! How can we not accept? As the title of a new collection of reflections by Pope Benedict XVI puts it, Let Us Become Friends of Jesus! And its subtitle—Meditations on Prayer—indicates the way.

Like the meditation above, the selections in this book come from Pope Benedict’s audiences, homilies, addresses, and writings from the past eight years. In clear, inspiring language, they offer a compelling picture of what it means to be a friend of Jesus and how to grow in that friendship through prayer. These reflections contain the Holy Father’s insights into God’s love, Jesus’ own prayer, how to pray the psalms, and the richness of devotions to the Eucharist and Mary.

Everyone longs for a meaningful, joyful life, as Pope Benedict observes. And friendship with Jesus is the path.

Our life becomes authentic and true life, and thus eternal life, when we know the One who is the source of all being and all life. And so Jesus’ words become a summons: Let us become friends of Jesus, let us try to know him all the more! Let us live in dialogue with him! Let us learn from him how to live aright, let us be his witnesses!

Let Us Become Friends of Jesus: Meditations on Prayer, by Pope Benedict XVI, compiled by Jeanne Kun (softcover, 152 pp.), is available from The Word Among Us at 1-800-775-9673 or online at