The Word Among Us

Easter 2022 Issue

The Missing Piece

I didn’t know it, but Jesus was looking for me all along.

By: Gary Zimak

The Missing Piece: I didn’t know it, but Jesus was looking for me all along. by Gary Zimak

Here I was, in my mid-twenties, sitting in my physician’s office, discussing the results of a series of medical tests. As someone who has always struggled with hypochondria, I was convinced that I had a brain tumor or an underlying heart condition. What else could explain my lightheadedness and heart palpitations? I was shocked when the doctor revealed that the tests all came back negative. According to the evidence, I was healthy. He wanted to know if I had ever considered meditation or other relaxation techniques.

Even though I was desperately seeking relief from my panic attacks and other troubling symptoms, something about his question really...


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