The Word Among Us

Easter 2024 Issue

What Do We Do Now?

Jesus’ Resurrection Gives Us an Answer

By: Fr. Mike Schmitz

What Do We Do Now?: Jesus’ Resurrection Gives Us an Answer by Fr. Mike Schmitz

Do you remember how easy it was to use the term “et cetera” in school, when you had to write a paper, or you had to give a long answer that included a list? For example, if you had to make a list of things found in nature, you might write “dirt [comma] and plants [comma] and worms. And if you ran out of ideas, you would just say, “et cetera.” That was your way out, but it was also your way of saying, “There’s more that I should be writing, but I can’t think of it.”

That term “et cetera” can be a catch-all for everything else, especially when you don’t know what else to say. In text messaging,...


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