The Word Among Us

September 2005 Issue

Who Is in Control?

Infertility and the Mystery of Suffering.

By: Francine Fritsch Gikow

Do you believe in miracles? I do. After years of infertility, I am now the mother of two children—one by adoption, and the other by birth. Both of my children are miracles. My adopted daughter was a miraculous gift from a birth mother. My son was a miracle from our bodies, conceived during the process of applying for a second child by adoption. I rejoice in these beautiful surprises from God! At the same time, I am also very grateful for the powerful way God worked in my life during the years of infertility that preceded these miracles. The reflections below are my attempt to express the vital lessons God taught me during that season of loss, loneliness, and pain.

"You have less than a five percent chance of getting pregnant—and that does not mean bearing a live child." I will never forget those...


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