The Word Among Us

August 2010 Issue

Your Faith Has Made You Whole

Five Steps in Praying for Healing

1. Be Confident.

Believe that Jesus is able to heal—and through your prayer!

Trust that God will guide you as you launch out and teach you when 
it is appropriate to pray and when not to.

2. Listen.

To the person who asks for prayer and tells you what seems to be wrong.

To God, who from time to time shares with us the true diagnosis whenever the person isn’t sure what is wrong.

3. Lay Hands on the Person.

If the person is comfortable with being touched.

Let the healing love of Jesus flow through you.

4. Pray Calmly and Peacefully.

Invite the Father and Jesus to be with you and the person for whom you are praying.

Be specific in your prayer. Avoid general petitions.

Pray positively. Imagine the healing taking place.

5. Pray with Confidence and Thanksgiving.

“Let this be done, Father, according to your will.”

Thank the Lord for hearing your prayer and answering it in his love 
and compassion.