The Word Among Us

New! "Something More" Faith Series

God always has more for us-more of his love, more of his grace, more of his peace. How can we be open to receiving these gifts?

The Something More Faith Series, edited by popular author and speaker Mark Hart, accompanies readers step-by-step as they discover that "something more" that God desires for them. Designed for use by individuals, couples, and small groups, each booklet features five sessions that include:

  • A short online video for each session that introduces the topic and inspires the participants
  • A foundational Scripture reading
  • Insightful, easy to understand commentary
  • Questions for discussion and reflection
  • Suggested exercises for the week that deepen the reader's relationship with the Lord

These booklets were especially intended for individuals or parish groups that have limited time but are looking for a life changing relationship with the Lord.

Ready to start?

Now that you have your booklets, here is how to get the most out of them. Each session of Getting More is designed to take less than an hour per session, including a corresponding video from the authors to start each session.

Getting More Out of Marriage

Getting More Out of the Eucharist

Getting More Out of Lent

Getting More Out of Confession

Getting More Out of Prayer

Getting More Out of Mass

Need help starting?

Running a small group or using the series as an individual is pretty simple. But if you are looking for more guidance, the materials below will help you get the most out of the series.

Download the help materials