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Enhance Your Prayer with Music

What if music could help you pray?

God desires to reveal himself to us when we pray. We believe in the power of prayer and the power of music to help us experience God’s presence.

We are excited to share a new prayer resource to help you enter more deeply into the mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection. In collaboration with The Vigil Project, The Word Among Us has created a playlist designed to help you experience God’s presence and hear his voice. It will be available from Palm Sunday throughout the entire Easter season.

Have a blessed Holy Week and joyous Easter!

How can music help my prayer?

Music can help raise our hearts and minds to God. It can create a sacred space for us to encounter the Lord. It can quiet us so that we can hear God speak through Scripture.

Music can bring alive the prayers of the Mass and deepen our faith in the words we say. It can help us experience God’s presence and respond to him with words of praise.

How do I use this music?

We have chosen two or three songs to use for each day during Holy Week, but feel free to use them as you wish. Listen to the songs before you read, while you’re reading, or after you finish reading the Scripture readings, prayers, and meditation in The Word Among Us.

Instrumental tracks can help you imagine being part of the scene from the Scripture passage. They can also help you to quiet yourself and listen for God’s voice.

Lyrical tracks can deepen your understanding of the truths that are expressed in the words. They can also give you the words and a melody to express your faith and love for God by singing.

Singing to God is one of the most ancient forms of worship. It incorporates our whole being. Try singing along with one of the songs. As St. Augustine said, “He who sings, prays twice.”

Songs for Holy Week

Mar 28 - “Were You There” & “Hosanna” (Lyrical)
    & “Desert Prelude” (Instrumental)
Mar 29 - “Lord Have Mercy” (L) & “Red Sea” (I)
Mar 30 - “Oh Mother” (L) & “Manna” (I)
Mar 31 - “Alabaster” (L) & “The Psalm” (I)
Apr 1 - “Sweet Sacrament” (L) & “Passover” (I)
Apr 2 - “Were You There” (L) “Pieta” (L) & “No Words” (I)
Apr 3 - “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” (L) &
    “Human and Divine” (I)
Apr 4 - “I Have Seen the Lord” (L) and “He Rose Again” (L)

Who is The Vigil Project?

The Vigil Project collaborates with musicians around the world to make music for every moment of the Catholic journey.

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Have feedback about this music?

We would love to hear how this resource has blessed your prayer. We welcome any feedback you might wish to share.