A God of Faithfulness and Justice

Not a single promise will go unfullfilled

A God of Faithfulness and Justice

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It must have been tough to be an ancient Greek—especially if you were religious. Not only did you have to sacrifice to a number of dif­ferent gods, but you never knew for sure what these gods were going to do.

Unlike Yahweh, the God of Israel, Zeus and his companions were a fickle lot. They could just as easily strike you down with the plague as reward you with long life and good health, and it had little to do with how well you behaved or how many sacrifices you made. You were in constant fear of angering one god or another. And even if you didn’t do anything personally, there was still the threat that a fight might break out between two gods, resulting in a flood, an earthquake, or some other natural disaster.

How different it was for the peo­ple of Israel! They worshipped a God who had created everything out of nothing, a God who ruled over all creation and who was not in contest with other gods or goddesses. He was the one true God,…

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