A Season of Grace and Favor

We can become more alert to God this Advent.

A Season of Grace and Favor

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As he did with Mary and Joseph and so many others two thousand years ago, God is still pouring his grace upon the church. The more alert we are spiritually, the more we will be able to recognize the grace when it comes to us.

It may occur when we are at Mass and a new insight or a new feeling comes to us. It may occur as we are talking to one of our children or a friend. Another moment may happen as we are on our way to work or while we are talking a walk. Really, it can happen any time. The key is to recognize these moments as gifts from God.

In this article, we want to focus on how these moments of grace can inspire us and draw us closer to Jesus.

A Moment of Grace for Mary. We’re all familiar with the time when Mary and Joseph lost Jesus in Jerusalem (Luke 2:41-52). It took them three whole days of searching before they found him in the Temple, where he was talking with the esteemed teachers of…

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