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Every day, we are invited to lift up our hearts to the Lord in prayer. The links below will take you to resources that will help you do just that.

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Susan from Kent, OH said...

Thank you, dear Lord for your grace and mercy. I am overwhelmed. Thank you, too, to the prayer team. Your prayers lifted me up during a time of trial. May the Lord bless you as you bless others.

Nancy from Stockton said...

Giving praise to the Lord as my nephew Carl is now off of medication and is slowing coming out of his depression a slow process but still not of the woods. Please keep him in prayer.

Akish from Nairobi said...

I will praise the name of our Lord, for thus far He has brought me. I wouldn't trade anything for the relationship I have with God and the journey of it all. It is true that our peace of mind and the joy we get out of living does not depend on where we are, or what we have, or who we are

Dennis from Bristol said...

Maureen (sister) originally diagnosed with a stroke and brain cancer. The stroke is no longer considered true but she does have an impaired memory; possibly from the brain tumor. Cancer is treatable; she is going to live. If she has an alcohol problem as well we pray for that healing

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