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I prayed my procedure today would be successful for the wax removal in my ear. It was and please pray the ringing will stop in my ear. In Christ name I pray for this. Thank you.

Glory to God and thanks for prayers answered. My husband gifted me a pair of airpods. One side got lost and today I got a message from where I thought I might have dropped that it had been found. I just collected it and I am grateful that I didn't lose faith. Thank you God. Thank you St. Anthony

Thanks be to God for a wonderful trip to Wien and back. I was able to spend time with my friend's family and my son in school abroad. Thank you that my baggage that didn't arrive with me was recovered and delivered today. I prayed to St. Anthony. Thank you for God's love and providing at my point of need. I remember my late sister today as it would have been her 58th birthday. Continue resting with the Angels sis. It is well.

I prayed my eye exam would be fine and it was. I am very grateful to our Lord for this. Thank you!

Thank you Lord for the gift of life. My father who is in his 80's though ailing physically, he is generally well and building his spiritual life with God. I thank you for the gift of friendship - my friends have made time to visit Dad. Heavenly Father you did it again. My heart is full. It is well. Ephesians 3:20

Thank you God for helping my husband surgery go well. It was an 8 hour surgery Doctor so it went really good.

Thank you for prayers answered. Thank you for helping everything go well with my scope Thank you for everything

THANK YOU LORD for all those years you blessed me with to share the gospel with my children: to read the scriptures with them, sing hymns with them, share testimonies with them, and pray with them. Thank for enabling me to establish a spiritual foundation that will ensure that they will not depart from, and an unconditional love that will last throughout eternity. Amen

I swallowed too much bread at once yesterday and may have choked, but was able to put out the bread and breathe so am ok now. But I want to praise God for protecting me and healing me.
I also want to praise the Lord for many other things including:-
removing numbness in my right leg and pain in arms and legs;
keeping filling my broken tooth with dentin to stop it hurting;
stopping blood appearing in my poop;
stopping my haemorrhoids itching;
Praise the Lord! God is wonderful! Thank You God!

Thank you Jesus for that successful and restful trip that my family and I needed to recharge

PRAISE GOD! DJ had the most glowing Parent Conference, with distinctions and excellence in the classroom. Against all the odds, God destroyed the cords of misjudgment and blessed him with a platform to demonstrate what God himself had put in him from the beginning. He is on his way to University. Allelujah! Thank you Father in Heaven!

Dear Word among us prayer group. Thank you for your prayers. I am feeling much better and want to thank God for your prayers and each of you. May God bless you all.
Thank you.

I prayed for a way to help with my anxiety and the Lord directed me to the right products and people. In Christ name I am so grateful.❤️

Thanking Jesus in advance for the immediate removal of the property manager and maintenance man at my community. Praise God for revealing their plans and deeds while keeping the community safe and decent.

On 2/5/24, I was terminated from a new job due to keeping my values and personal boundaries in place. I had no savings, support, second job nor a full paycheck coming. I did my part and God did the rest. By 2/13/24, I had three offers and was able to pay my next month’s rent in advance. Trust in Gods timing and leading. Seek his voice. Be obedient. He will never forsake you or leave you. He is the source. He has the all power. Thank you Father God! All Praise and Glory belongs to you!

I asked for prayers for the ringing in my ears and it is much better. Please keep praying it leaves for good. Thank you

I had several long term ailments so I got healing prayer and now God has healed me of all these things. Praise the Lord! God is wonderful! Thank You God!

I prayed to find a way my ears will stop ringing. They are a little better. Please keep praying I can get it gone or find a way to help it. In Christ name I pray for this.

Thank you for praying for Devon

My name is Gregory Jerome,  I want to thank God  for His Grace , His mercy , His Favor , His Blessings over my life , I'm working on a job for over 5 years , I have been bullied by my coworkers  and my supervisor,  they have been treating me differently , and also with this Job  no benefits not enough hours to pay my Bills and survive  , I was  praying to God for better opportunities  , couple employers reach out to me for better job opportunities I thank God for that

God has answered my prayers in finding a job, the job that was provided exceeded my expectations in every way, praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

In thanksgiving for a good report at the doctor appointment for my husband today.

For several days I had blood in my poo so I got prayer for healing and then it stopped (no blood in poo). Praise the Lord! God is wonderful! Thank You God!

I asked for prayers so my mammogram was fine and hadn’t changed. It was and I sincerely thank our Lord for this gift. Thank you for your prayers.🙏🙏🙏❤️

While I’m sorry it’s taken my husband, George’s, impending death, I praise God that both he and our son, Matthew, who is incarcerated, have been able to write each other that they love the other. God has sent a blessing in the midst of sadness.

I feel I have been going through a “dry”spell lately in my prayer life. I am disabled physically, to the extent that I am unable to attend Mass-even if I could, my church building is undergoing renovation and the Masses take place in a school chapel some miles away. Imagine my joy when I read the meditation for September 26,2023, in which I am raised up in prayer! Thank you for your prayers and know that you are in my prayers also!! Blessings!!

Dear friends in Christ,

I am unable to express how blessed I feel to read your Daily Mediations daily. They are extremely well thought out and written. I can only offer my sincere thanks, humble praise and profound admiration for the graces and gifts that the Lord has blessed the writer(s) with. May God who has begun this great work in you bring it to fulfilment.

Thank you, dear friends, for your prayers also that I had asked for some time ago. My husband and I have settled in the UK after much anxiety regarding my visa and residence which were delayed during the pandemic.

We wish all of you at - Word Among Us - good health, peace, joy & innumerable blessings!!

Thank you for your prayers for my oldest son’s friend, Jason. His surgery for the brain tumor went as well as could be expected. The tumor was benign and the surgeon thinks he removed all of it. There are concerns for his hearing and swallowing so please pray these are temporary. Thank you

My nephew Joe has admitted that he has the disease of alcoholism and is going to a facility for 30 days. Thank you for all the prayers.please keep praying that God puts all his angels around him to comfort him in this difficult time of recovery. Thank you in Christ!

Our prayers for my son, Matthew’s, hearing has been heard. After numerous flushings, some if not all the ear wax is being removed and his hearing is back. Thanks to God and all who prayed for him.

My nephew Joe lived and is still in the hospital. He is an alcoholic and will be going to a treatment center. Please continue to pray that he can accept the fact he has a disease and he will stay sober.

Jesus I praise you for all you do and who you are. Thank you in advance for health, prosperity, grace, provision and mercy. I thank you for binding and destroying all obstacles and demonic spirits set against me and my loved ones. I praise and thank you for undeniable favor, financial and physical help. Bless you Mighty God for helping me relocate, afford where I am temporarily, and guiding me to a divinely chosen new home by the end of this month. Lord thank you for going before me making the paths of employment and residential options clear with no doubts. I am grateful none of the issues experienced at work and home no longer exist. I declare I live and work in total peace. Thank you for the ease and instant restoration. Thank you for the new vehicle and divine relationships. Thank you for the strength and capacity to manage it all. Precious Lord, thank you for my Brothers salvation, sobriety and protecting him indefinitely. Thank you for your blood and sacrifice always. I believe. You are God all by yourself. Nothing is impossible for you so it is all done. Selah.

We thank the Lord for His mercies endure forever! We have been back home for over a week now and settled back into the routine of things! I am so grateful that the Lord continues to shower us with His goodness and kindness. We put all our family plans before God and we are confident that He will bless us. Ephesians 3:20 Thank you Lord for EVERYTHING.

Hallelujah to the most high God, learning to just be still! More of exalting less whining! God has revealed that we Americans do WAY TOO MUCH asking for blessing then true worship! Idolatry Ive been fully delivered from me myself and I worship! And it is a form of worshipping! Yuck , 🤢 yuck! God is tearing down many generations of strongholds! Selah, I worship His Majesty !

Thank you Jesus for your mercy & favour. Good medical test results, resolution of house problems, back pain healed, blessings to me & my loved ones. All that we are, all that we have comes from Jesus. He has led us safely through fire and water. I hope this encourages others.

Thanks be to God for family time well spend and for community with relatives and close friends. Grateful for the resources availed to us. We pray for journey mercies and good start to the new school term, resuming work and fresh start at a new school!

It is well.

Heavenly Father. Your name be praised and glorified. You have poured out your blessings on us. We are grateful for a wonderful family vacation so far. We don't take it that we have the time and resources. Thank you for your love.

Sorry for the long post, but I just gotta praise. I have been struggling with my finances for awhile now I had no idea how I was going to pay my August rent, the money just wasn't there. I kept praying for a solution and even considered taking out a loan, but I know the answer to debt is NOT more debt. While I was praying I Just kept sensing the same thing - TITHE. I was like, what? There's no money to live, how do I tithe? But trusting God doesn't always make sense. So I did it, I gave my two widow's mites. Honestly, I
kept thinking what on earth have I done, now what? Well THIS is what - this morning I am holding a check that will pay for 3 months of my rent. God is so amazing@ He has mountains of grace and blessing for my mustard seed of faith. He is my Provider, the wonder working God! Praise His holy Name!

I prayed that I be given a concrete sign if I was to devote an hour to my church and
Christ for Eucharistic adoration. The next day I received the "Encountering Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration" pamphlet in the mail. Praise God!

I had blood in my poo, numbness/pain in my legs and arms and a buzzing sound in my ears - so I got prayer and now God has healed me and removed all those symptoms. Also I'm looking for work and I had various problems that I got prayer for and God has solved for me. There was one recruitment agency that has a word associated with the evil one in their emails, so (after prayer) I took a screenshot and now welfare are letting me avoid them. Praise the Lord! God is wonderful! Thank You God!

I aske to pray that whatever they found in my mammogram would be healed or removed so nothing would show. When I had the ultrasound there wasn’t anything there. I thank Mary and Jesus for healing me. I go back in six months. Please continue to pray for this healing. In Christ name I pray for this.

Praise the lord. I joined coza late 2021... during last year 12DG I asked God to open a way for me in my football career which he did, last year december after playing two competition was played not being picked in the first one but the second one I was picked to a club called (honey badgers) in makurdi and also given a scholarship bcs when we were called personally for questioning I told them I will be going back to school this year, first of all the agreement was for me to be coming back to the camp on every break which will be given to me in the school. So Early this year we all that were picked was called to resume to camp which we all did. We were screened again in the club and I passed it. As of earlier last year March I got an injury on my sheen which was not that serious but after being hit on that same sheen in my new club the injury became worse that I could not longer play I stopped training for a month and and some weeks and was asked to go and treat the injury which I came back home and treated it thinking that it all gone I resumed back to camp I trained for 2weeks without feeling pains but on the third week I started feeling the pain again I have to hide the pains and pretend that there was nothing wrong with me. Getting to the fourth week I was called to resume to school I then told the head coach there about the situation and he said since am going back to school I don't have to come back instead the will replace me with someone there I tried explaining to the coach about the agreement with the owner of the club but I guess he was just doing his job I went back to camp and cried my eyes out but I later accepted my fate and resume to school, while being in school for a month the man which was helping me to get the admission told me that I submitted my credentials late to him and since my jamb was in 2021 I was not going to be given an admission bcs is the new jamb set they are considering now. I was down, frustrated and angry with everything is as if am doomed. Meanwhile before all this things happened I was adviced to apply for a cdl program in Abuja university which I did but my mind was not in that program bcs I don't like part-time and I know that only workers can do part-time. I went back home and I was called that I was given an admission into the cdl program I told my parent about it and they said they can't fund the part-time bcs their expences is high and at the other hand I have no job and I don't know where to start looking for job that will allow me to go to school on Friday and Saturday..when I came to DPE at the ending of last month I saw that there will be 7DG this july, on the first day of the 7DG during the morning section mummy D said "whatever sickness you came with you will not leave here with it" I received it and I kept on declaring the word while walking back home I now felt something leaving me in my legs I was like "OMG what just left my leg" I have to wait for days to be sure that am healed that it was not the leg whining me. I resumed training on Monday I felt no pains in my sheen I ran through out the training I still felt no pain, I still could not believe my eyes I have to wait till later that evening I was now sure that it was a permanent healing. I was mad with happiness I said to myself that this is my permanent healing whether the devil like it or not. Even with all what happened to me I still did not think about it I just give God the praise and I will keep believing that I will not only get an offer to a club but an international offer to a club someday the God that did it for me will do it again and again. Thank you Daddy and mummy, thank you coza...

I'm a Christian and I thank God for saving me via Jesus' sacrifice for me on the cross. Also I recently had coronavirus symptoms including sore throat plus extreme pain in my rectum / bum so I couldn't sit down, so I got prayer and am now completely healed and all symptoms and pain have gone plus I have negative lateral flow test results. Also God is helping me with my finances. I owe God everything. Praise God! Thank You Lord! God is wonderful! Thank you God for saving me and healing me and for so many blessings.

Thank you Father. The issue of relationships in general has been tagging at my heart but more specifically some close ones. It is reassuring to read today's meditation speak directly to it as if the Lord is responding to my prayer request. He is a faithful God and just like Paul I feel encouraged that Gold is always beside me.

I write with so much happiness in my heart at the lords doing. I had sent n a prayer request some time back and requested that you believe with me for a job offer for an interview i had done.

God has done it. Today i was called and they extended a verbal offer that i accepted. They are now working on the paperwork. May His name be praised. I have so much peace and this being a christian organisation, i believe that i will also grow spiritually as i serve.

I know God hears and knows and when the time is right He will open the remaining doors for my marital settlement and the hastening of my daughters movement abroad that already has a job offer extended and she accepted.

Please thank God with me for His doing.

I had numbness in my legs and arms so I got prayer and now the numbness has gone. Praise the Lord! God is wonderful! Thank You God!

Please everyone pray for my son. He is struggling with mental health issues and addiction. That through God’s infinite love, he’ll find freedom from all his hardships and live a life of peace and serenity. Thank you for your prayers!!!

Thank you so much my Jesus for restoring the peace in our household in a way that is so much better than anticipated and not even gradual but snap of a finger conflict to peace and laughter. Please let this continue. And thank you too for letting me pass my examination.

Dear prayer group, wanted to thank you all so much for your prayers on my behalf. I was able to speak with my doctor concerning the hemangiomas on liver. They do not seem to be growing but may require intervention in the future. One seems to be large but my liver function is normal. I will be seeing a specialist later this summer for further recommendations. You all must be so busy with so many needing prayers. God sees all and knows our needs. May God bless all of you. Please continue to pray for me if i may be so bold to ask for your prayers for my inner peace and health. Thank you so much. Mary

I want to praise our Lord for a good phone call from my son who is incarcerated and dealing with brain injuries and addiction. He was so much like himself and more positive. Pray this can continue for him with recovery, healing, safety, and return to his faith. Thank you for your prayers

My husband, George, is dealing with terminal cancer and has a number of other health issues. The new chemo combo is very difficult for him with the side effects but the last scans showed decreased tumors/lesions. The infusion for increasing his low white cells to battle infection is also working as they are increased as are his platelets. Life is still painful much of the time, but there is stability with his condition currently. Thanks be to God who hears our prayers. Thank you for your prayers and please continue them for him

I must let as many people as possible know the power of God. He has helped me my whole life, big and small. I am sad that it's only now that I realize how much He has been there for me. But it's never too late, I believe and trust that God will continue to be in my life. Please do not lose your trust in the powerful and loving God!

My landlord asked a company to replace my boiler and the workman did a survey and I signed a document but I didn't get a copy, so I was worried and got prayer and now I have a copy of the document. Also I had a worry about a UK welfare payment so I got prayer and God intervened and solved it for me. Praise the Lord! God is wonderful! Thank You God!

I give thanks to God Almighty for saving me from a road accident on the 15 Apr 2023.

I was crossing a major road opposite were I stay and I fell at the middle of the road. And suddenly I felt weak and was expecting a knockoff from no were. But dat wasn’t so. I don’t know how God did it but is mercies and grace saved me hallelujah!!!

My husband is suffering with terminal cancer but is receiving a combo of two chemo treatments that in the past has made him very ill. At his last treatment, the chemo had to be lowered due to extremely low white blood cells. He was given another med to help increase the white blood cells. This infusion was done at home but had a number of life threatening side effects to monitor for five days. God thankfully watched over him and the side effects were not severe. We won’t know if the treatment helped until next week but are so grateful for prayers and God watching over him during this treatment.

I praise God for saving me;
for filling my broken tooth with dentin so it doesn't hurt;
that my mum sold her old house;
that my old job fired me (wasn't happy);
that my old job sent my termination of employment letter;
that I'll be paid in lieu of notice;
that God says I can marry my schooldays sweetheart Tina in paradise;
for everything.
Thank You God! Praise the Lord! God is wonderful!

Thanksgiving for my new job, family, and friends especially those who have recently died like Sharon that I was able to be a part of their life and they were in mine.

Thank you Saint Expedite for prayers answered, favors granted and blessings received through your intercession on my behalf. You have never failed me. Thank you for all of the wondrous favor you have shown me in my times of need. Amen.

I want to to give.A Praise Report of.What Almighty.God in Heaven.Did for me.He saved my life.Earlier 2 nights ago.I was sleeping on my bed.I felt a 50.Cal rifle bullet.Hit my center of my body.Immediatley my whole.Front torso went out.Then back.God sealed up my death wound.Sealed up the walls.It came from.I praise God Almighty.In Jesus Christ name Amen.

Please pray for healing for my son Shawn.
Thank you!

I have a praise report! GOD met my needs. He gave me a new job (my other employer refused to reassign me) and he stopped the eviction. I had my hearing today and what was overdue is going to be pay through an agency that I had contacted and who reached out to other agencies and all I am responsible for the upcoming March rent. So, the case was dismissed and I start my new job next week. Another miracle is that I have not shed a tear since I received the eviction lawsuit. I shed tears when I received the 3 day notice but not when I received the eviction lawsuit. JESUS told me he was going to give me peace and he was not going to allow me to weep like I did before because he has it all taken care of. He gave me his peace and he dried my tears. I thank GOD for you all and I thank him for making a way and loving and taking care of my needs. I have other concerns and he already knows about them as well, but I had to make sure that my brothers and sisters in Christ know what he has recently done for me! JESUS is Lord!!!!!!

Thank you God for ministering to me through Daily Mass Reading but more so during Sunday Mass. Feels like the messages are tailored for this season of life I am going through. Thank you for your love and mercy. It is well.

Good afternoon pastor B and the blessed people of NLP
I want to bless God for healing me of hemorrhoid. During the day 3 of wine press when pastor B prayed for those that are sick and said start doing what you couldn’t do before, do it 7 times so Immediately I went to the bathroom and try using the toilet but I was unable to do that but I still held onto my faith. Since the doctor told me I had hemorrhoid since last year September, 2022 have always been careful of what I eat and I’m always taking excess water so I can use the toilet conveniently but that night on the third day of wine I decided to eat what I couldn’t eat before and lo and behold the following day I was able to use the toilet with ease and no blood came out from my anus. God has heard my prayer and healed me of hemorrhoid
Grace, grace, Grace this is my story
All glory to God
Truly pastor B, the wine press was my wine press.

That is not the end of my testimony I also want to thank God for my mummy’s health she had an operation recently and I made sure I committed myself to the just concluded 21 days fasting and prayer. Also I always join the 1pm online prayer where pastor B always pray with us. There were three people that did a similar operation that day and one of them died, one is still in the hospital and cause she couldn’t speak. But my mum operation was successful and she has been discharged. All glory to God thank you pastor B. Truly the God of pastor B answers pray
Grace grace grace this is my story

I praise & thank Jesus for hearing and answering my prayer intentions. Prayer is the catalyst in seeing one’s problems addressed. Pray first! God will answer!

Thank you all for the prayers ,my daughter,Today she drove her car. One year ago she had a brain tumor removed. She is know doing great. In good health and in good spirits. She also had a birthday. 27 years old. No brain damage no more seizures. And she is also back in school. We are grateful for having a great God that was merciful. God bless you all.

Thank you for prayers answered

Praise God for the birth of our granddaughter, Quinn Christine, on Jan 9. Both mom & baby are healthy & doing well.

Moffitt cancer center has confirmed that my sister in law Mary Krueger has Leptomeningeal disease and it has spread into her spinal fluid. She had a brain tumor removed last month. She is moving fwd w cranial radiation followed by chemo. The prognosis is not good -with radiation and chemo 3-6 months. Praying for a miracle.

God's mercies are new every morning. He is faithful. It has been a busy week yet God's grace abound we have had a productive week! It is well. Amen

I want to Praise God for blessing me to be restored in my health, career, spirit, and at home. Thank you Jesus for interceding and removing all barriers. Thank you for healing the knot in my breast. Thank you for restoring my internal peace and removing the problem. Thank you for restoring my pay with my previous company in a new department. Thank you for increasing my spiritual gifts. Thank you for life and a New Year. Mighty is your name! Hallelujah! Great is our Lord! He is always on time! Be encouraged someone. Thank you Father God!!

Take a moment right now to thank God for the ways he has blessed you. Then think of a blessing that didn’t look like a blessing at first. Surely he will always care for you!

“Lord, you have done great things for me. I am blessed indeed.”

This is so true. The move was seamless but there is more to be done and by the Grace of God we shall soon settle in very well. Amen.

My husband has terminal cancer While he is not in remission any more, his scans have not shown any significant increase with the cancer. However, for several weeks he has felt worse and his sugar levels were elevated. Upon changing his diabetic medication, he has almost immediately felt better. Thank you God and all who prayed

Thank you for the beautiful place we called HOME for the last 13 years. And now onto new beginnings or new endings if you like we are grateful. It has been a journey and we look forward to what the next chapter has to offer. Amen.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. Thank you Father God for your faithfulness. A journey of 1000 miles surely begins with a single step. WAU family do not be discouraged - go ahead and make that prayer to the Lord and surely He will answer it in one way or another. I am feeling grateful. Thank you Heavenly Papa!



I just wanted to give a praise report for my sister Sharon Kingsberry. After praying and seeking God, my sister completed her last radiation treatment today and is cancer FREE!! In one year, she was diagnosed with cancer, did chemotherapy, had a double mastectomy and completed radiation.What a year! But God!!! I just wanted to stop and give God the glory for he has done great things. I thank you Lord for answering our prayers. I thank the Lord for His goodness. Father, I know this is just the beginning. Thank you for turning this around. Thank you for working in our favor. Thank you for the deliverance, healing and restoration of all things.

I was riding the bus.A few hours ago.To the atm.Up the block.While sitting up front.To the left side of.Bus seat.I had my body turned towards.The left of watching for my stop.I heard a loud muffled boom.Directly at me.I believe someone. Had a silencer shotgun.Then tried to ice me.From back of the bus.God caught the 12 Gauge.Metal slug round.With his bare hands.Thus saving my life.I praise God forever.In Jesus name Amen.God bless you all Amen!

God me the words to get through to my alcoholic daughter to get sober. He had me speak with love and compassion. She is going to detox and get sober for her and her 6 year old. She was not hostile or angry at all. God gave me compassion and love.

Someone unknown took a shot.At me the other day.God caught the bullet.Also while on my way.Home Someone sat behind me.And thrust an ice pick.Into my upper top.Back side of my head.As well as stabbed me.Into top middle back of my skull.God saved me from the bullets.And God sealed up my 2 death wounds.I praise and thank God.And I praise and thank.The lord Jesus christ.Amen.

Praise God that he has supernaturally filled my broken tooth with dentin, stopping it from hurting; Also that the software enhancements that I'd been working on for a couple of months have (after prayer) finally been released live by my IT manager. Praise the Lord! God is Wonderful! Thank You God!

We are thankful that my husband’s scan for his terminal cancer shows no significant growth or spreading of the cancer. While it is not healing or remission, the chemo is maintaining him at this level. We thank God and all those that pray for us

Due the subject matter and some of the content I am keeping my name and my wife's anonymous because no specific persons need to be identified being that it is a very personal issue but still something important to a person's walk with the Lord and an important thing in a marriage and to us it's worthy of a praise report. But when my wife and I got married a week ago,I had totally saved myself for marriage as I am a devoted follower of Christ. So that meant virtually no sexual experience of any kind for me up to the age of 32.(She has been married once so she had some experience,which helped matters some)So,come our honeymoon on our wedding night at our home,her and a willing but apprehensive me were getting ready to take it to the next level when I got so overwhelmed with anxiety that I stopped and sat down on the bed. With her inquiring what was wrong,I explained that I had never done this and in my mind sex was just something that men probably did to use women and get pleasure with and that she deserved more respect than that from me. She was able to console me by making me understand and telling me that the reason she was up for it was because she had a lot of love for me and was ready to express it to me in the most intimate way possible. So therefore since I had a lot of love for her I should feel the same way as well. So with that I realized what my drive to have sex was rooted from. Getting up and looking right into my beautiful bride's eyes,a whole new perspective had taken over and all reservations had disappeared. Giving me a look that said it was ok to get sensual,from there it got really beautiful and amazing...absolute love and amazement and fun. And guiltlessness for both her and I. Plenty of expressions and smiles and giggles and...oh,baby. It was a most lovely and beautiful and incredible time. Driven by a genuine love and done by godly standards. That's the reward for saving intimacy for the unity of marriage!

I have a praise report.Some flies infected my eyes.God healed both my eyes.Supernaturaly and miracously.I thank God for his healing.And help amen.

I have been submitting prayers to your team for the last week. My husband and I are rebuilding our marriage after his affair. Last week was the best week we have had since I found out about the affair 5 months ago. I will continue to pray and submit my prayers to your team. Thank you for praying for us! Praise God for all His love and answered prayers!

Praise God for answering prayer by healing my back and also healing my tooth. Also that I sometimes meet women that remind me of Tina, my childhood sweetheart. God is wonderful. Thank You God!

Praising God for blessings and healings received among the family and self.

I requested prayers for my up coming invasive heart test in September. The test results came back that my valve condition is not as serious as first thought. No surgery is required at this time. Thank you for your prayers for a good outcome and a state of peace before and during the procedure.

While we don’t know if the chemo is continuing to halt my husband’s cancer, his recent fall with injuries and much blood loss did not interfere with his platelets and white cells to allow chemo treatment on Monday. In fact, the numbers while still low were higher than usual. Thanks to God!

Thank you God - Moochie the 14 year old boy arrived home safely .

About a week ago.I was laying.Down.On a bench.On my right side.Some guy walked by me.When I was sleeping.He smashed my skull.With a pipe.God deflected.The pipe blow.Its a true miracle.Of God the father.In Heaven.As well a miracle of the Lord Jesus Christ Amen.I praise God forever.Amen.

I was in need of peace regarding my home and work situations plus desiring to be released from both to walk into better opportunities. I am grateful and thankful that Jesus Christ has done both in perfect timing. The Lord is good, faithful, and always on time. He has changed me and always been a present help. He can do it for you too. Bless and Praise your Holy Name Father.

Thank you for letting me pass my exams despite being swamped with work to prepare thoroughly.

Thanking Jesus -
For all clear, all okay medical test results.
For blessings of Good Health & Peace for me and my loved ones.

My youngest son received a job offer in his field of study! Thank you Lord 🙏

We Give God the Glory! We have arrived back home safe and sound. Onto the next chapter. Thank you, Jesus. It is well.

Glory be to God. Thank you Heavenly Father for a break well deserved and spent with family and friends. May your continued blessings outpour on ud and may we continue praising your name which is worth God Almighty. We trust you for journey mercies and a smooth transition back to work and school. It is well. Amen.

I thank Jesus for the Health & Peace He has blessed me and my loved ones with. We were untouched by Covid. We remain safe.

So much else we have been blessed with these recent months -
Flat left to me by my mother : The process for the flat share transfer was long with heaps of potential problems. I was blessed as an affidavit was willingly signed by others allowing the flat share transfer. God's hand was in this as people could have delayed or refused to sign the affidavit allowing for the transfer. I believe that people who needed to signoff on legal documents were touched by a Higher Being. This helped with completing the legal process. Significant amount saved on solicitor fees.

Rented out flat in Australia : Flat was badly vandalised by a renter. A putrid smell hung to the carpet, blinds, walls. After months of trying, finally one company was able to get rid of the odour at great expense. For months we prayed for help. Also, part costs for the damage were recouped from Insurance.

Looking for a new home for myself : I was helped with a new flat which met all my expectations. Not easy given my expectations were high. We serve a God of the Impossible.

Rental properties help : 2 new Property Mgr's with good track records and well recommended were tracked down to look after 2 properties we rent out

Covid times : Many renters the world over were unable to pay all or some part of rent during the many months of Covid lockdown. All our renters 1) did not miss a single payment 2) nor was there a single late payment. Thanks to our Provider, Jesus.

My brother : Went through a bereavement and was grieving terribly. Jesus healed him. He found peace and got blessed with surprise new, reliable friends whom he could lean on. This truly is a mighty miracle.

Our times are in His hands : We never knew what lay ahead, our best estimates for our future needs proved wrong. Yet HE has provided amply. HE knew what lay ahead for me and my family. HE knew what we would need. HE provided amply, a supply like streams in the desert.

For you make me glad by your deeds, Lord; I sing for joy at what your hands have done How great are your works, Lord, how profound your thoughts!

Glory be to God for a lovely family vacation. More Blessings and grace to us to enjoy the rest of our visit to the UK. Amen.

My brother-in-law, Gery, is no longer on continuous dialysis and is off the vent using his trach several hours daily. Thank all for prayers and please continue them

I was on a train on Sunday and I got a headache and flashes of light and stomach ache and I felt awful, so I placed my hand on my head and stomach commanded those symptoms to be gone in Jesus name and they left immediately and I felt better again and was able to carry on with my day. Praise the Lord! Thank You God! God is wonderful!

I thank God I received the rental help I needed by the deadline. He is a gracious Father.