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Please pray for me and my family for a place to stay and financial provision

Three times over the weekend I got a started coughing had phlegm and had shortness of breath and each time I commanded the bug/virus to go in Jesus name and each time it stopped immediately (I stopped coughing and can breath easily). I've since taken a lateral flow test which showed a negative result. Thank You Lord! God is wonderful. Praise the Lord!

Lawndale CA
This is a Praise Report of Victory!
My car was being vandalized, My reputation was being ruined, I was so scared and frustrated a few months ago I was Hospitalized I couldn't take anymore attacks on my life. I asked for a Huge Miracle and I was given a Financial Miracle of $1 Million Dollars! I am so grateful for that I wanted to thank you I must have contacted every prayer request form I could find. I am so grateful that I was given a Miracle of $1 Million Dollars! Thank you thank you thank you for praying for me! I'm Winning in my Life and Everything has really finally gotten better for me! Thank you thank you I really needed this Financial Miracle and I am so glad I got it!


Good afternoon pastor bolaji .
Have been trusting God for a good job for since September 2019 along the line, i have to relocate to UAE this year. Have been joining the online prayer in the morning believing and trusting God that he will do . But at the beginning of this month because it my birthday month i told God if there will be the best birthday gift he will give me for this year is for him to give me a good job. Where have submitted my cv to for months they called me on Tuesday ,that am i still looking for job and i told them yes, some they ask me to come for interview so after the interview ,they said the principal was going to call me , so i was like normal thing that they use to say but to my greatest surprise God did it for me, i was given the job and with a good salary and some other benefit. I thank God because he removed me from the waiting room and make me fruitful in all area's of my life. I return all glory and adoration back to him.
Thank you jesus.

Dear Yeshua,

Immanuel: "God With Us: Emmanuella, Immanuella: Goddess With US?
Black or white, African American or Caucasian?.**>> "Immanuel": " Good With Us". "Daily Bread Prayer is interfered with, changed".. The Goddess, Spiritual Feminine, Female Principle, Cults who want the Goddess, The Female Principle to be in harmony with the Male consciousness whatever race?!*
I have not come here for Prayer for a while because I was researching that Sin, Original Sin for a while.
Thanks you Yeshua, and "The Word Among Us": "Pay in Kind"**>>.

I am handing over " Americanblackbusiness" to Word Among US/ and to Evelyn (Shakur*) Mohamed. To be the oversight in case when I go home to Christ, black, or white, African American, Or Caucasian. I am free of Debt. "Do not die with debt"*****>>. Sin is "criminal"*?! Sin****>>.
Thank you for your Prayers: I am in your books. Thank you.

Faithfully Yours,
Heba Mohamed

I had a really bad sore throat on Thursday so I got prayer and by lunchtime the sore throat had completely gone but I then started coughing phlegm every hour but now that's gone too and by the end of Friday was completely healed. Thank You God! Praise the Lord! God is wonderful! And He always heals me. And thanks to everyone who prayed for me too.

Dear prayer group, just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers, my daughter and grandson are doing well, she was induced and her son, was born via c section and both are doing well, she struggles with anxiety but her son is nursing and sleeping well, i thank you all and so deeply appreciate your prayers, May God continue to bless the Word among us and all of you, thank you all.

I would like to ask for your prayers for my son Shawn who is struggling with crippling anxiety and other mental health issues. He is an awesome human being but is lost and can’t seem to find his way back. I’m asking for prayers for his healing and courage to willingly seek help and find peace through this difficult time. Please pray for him and also my family as this has been very difficult for all of us. My God bring us the miracle we’ve been praying for!
Thank you!

I asked for prayers for my daughter’s pregnancy test and the tests showed a normal healthy baby. Please pray she has an uneventful delivery. In Christ name we pray for this.

Good evening pas bolaji, the lord has been good and kind to me, I joined NLP in the month of April and be consistent with it, I wrote my letters of congratulations and one of it is for God to change my job, this month the lord did it, i got a triple blessing, I got a new job that that is very stresless and peaceful, I wrote a professional exam that i pass successfully, I also applied for a master program in one of the school abroad and I was given a scholarship worth $2400 for the tuition fee, indeed God did it, to him alone be praise.

I got prayer for healing for work colleague Alexandra and now she has been healed. Praise the Lord! God is wonderful! Thank You God! And thanks to everyone who prayed for her as well.

I've had major throat pain i was healed from the same night after praying and believing i would be healed. Glory be to God!

Please 🙏 help Pray for the quick recovery 🙏 of my Mother & Blessful Blessing of the work of my and fevour upon my company D-Pyramidvision

Please 🙏 help Pray for the quick recovery 🙏 of my Mother & Blessful Blessing of the work of my and fevour upon my company D-Pyramidvision

My daughter is expecting her first child, at needs to be induced early because of pre eclampsia concerns, please pray for a safe delivery for her baby and for healthy outcome for my daughter and grand child. thank you.

Dear Father God, I want to express my thankfulness for my husband and me to find our wedding video from someone. Although it was not from someone we expected but it was lost then found. Thank You Father for watching over us.


I prayed my daughters test would show a healthy normal baby and they did show that. Please pray her pregnancy continues this way and an uneventful delivery.

My employer's daughter was walking on crutches, so I got prayer for her healing and she has now been healed and is walking normally without crutches. God is wonderful! Praise the Lord! Thank You God! And also Thank You to everyone who prayed for her.

I have visions of my children in my dreams. I don't physically have my children with me yet but I feel the biggest joy I've ever experienced when I dream these dreams. I'm not sure if other people have had this experience but I am trying to understand what is the purpose of God giving me these dreams? I think it is too prepare my heart and show my how joyful it is to have children since God calls them a blessing. Every time I dream it's always a girl. I see her face in my dreams. And just once did I dream about birthing my son. I am thankful for these dreams.

Thank you for your prayers for my grand daughter, her rash has improved and it was something very common but appeared grotesque, thank you, Dios es Grande.

I have seen the Glory of God. Thank you God for answered prayers and grace to patiently pray through those desires that are yet to come to fruition. It is well.

I was pulling out a plant from my garden and I thought I got a splinter in my finger, which I was unable to remove. So I got prayer for it. Over 2 days it has completely healed (and turned out not to be a splinter) and the scar has sealed over with no pain and no infection. Praise the Lord, God is wonderful! Thank You Lord! And also thank you to everyone who prayed for me.

Thanksgiving prayer for Betty Jo of reprieve of her cancer cells being negative.

Today's meditation is on point! I mean that literally because I made a request to God and the very time I was reading today's meditation - the sign came through as clear as crystal. I say THANK YOU! I am really encouraged and for the days when I am not - I pray that I will Trust God's timing. Amen!

praise and thank God,,, our Lord, my daughter got the job. Our Lord knows what is best for us,,, Thank you my dear Lord God,,, Praise your name forever...Thank you for all your prayers, thank you

I want to thank all those who prayed for me to find employment. God has blessed me with a full-time job doing fulfilling work. It's close to home, and my co-workers are friendly and easy to get along with. I also have a wonderful boss. I am so grateful to God and for all of your prayers.

I asked for prayers for my daughters first visit to the doctor regarding her pregnancy. All good. One baby with a very strong heartbeat. Thank you dear Lord with blessing her with another life. Please continue to pray the baby develops well and remains healthy. Thank you Jesus.

Pastor B, the lord is good and kind to me.I have been looking for a job since last year, I started submitting applications to several place but I got lot of rejections. My friend invited to NLP in February and I participated in all the prayers and fasting, I also listened to the messages about faith on you-tube. I decided to focus on God and build my relationship with God. This year, I would get a positive news about the progress of my job search suddenly I would be disappointed again. It made me question my faith sometimes but I go to God in prayer and hear his promises for me which strengthened me. I decided to write my IELTs exam, and before writing it the devil was already instilling negative thoughts in my head and I began to doubt myself, I prayed, fasted and wrote down my congratulations letter.The day of exam came and I didn’t do well in 2 of my papers , I cried after the exam and I prayed to God and told him I had no job nor money because the exam was sponsored so I can’t afford to fail. Afterwards, I started praising God as pastor told us to. I fasted from 30th June , instead of panicking I praised God instead
On the 1st of July, immediately I woke I got a text that I got a job at Abuja, a year after I applied😁😁, God did it. Not just that, on the 3rd of July I checked my IELTS result, I passed beyond my imagination. God gave me a testimony, he turned my situation around and I I'm filled with joy

I praise and thank God for all the answered prayers,,, my son is not full time in his job, my daughter is clear on her health issue.. thank you Lord

Bishop Taiwo discribed me, I have being having migraine headaches for so many years, everyday I take drugs to reduce the pain, It got to the extent that paracetamol doesn't work for me anymore and each time it starts, I trow up and also it affect my eyes i won't be able to see anything clearly until the pain reduce so i started taking sudres and some times I take cenpain night to kill the pain and make me sleep. But on the 5thday of 7DG when Bishop Taiwo climb the stage and mentioned my case, I was at the over flow outside immediately I felt a sensation inside my Head and the pain Left, up till today as am typing the pain is no where to be find. I usually take drugs everyday but since that day bishop mentioned my case I haven't tasted any pain killer. I want to give glory to God Almighty and thank BABA and mummy D for this Great privilege God will continue to strengthen them in JESUS NAME

While we have not had the results of the special MRI to determine cancer in the liver officially explained, what the report in my husband’s portal appears neutral to positive that there is less concern of the cancer having spread to the liver following the removal of the colon. We are cautiously hopeful and appreciate every prayer from all of you and others. Thank you but please keep praying

I woke up at at about 1:30am, sensing the presence of fowl spirit, trying to suppress me. l called upon the name of Jesus thrice and slept back. And At about 2:00am again, l woke up and noticed that my left toe was being twisted and l was hurting. I reached out for my annointing, calling upon the God of Rev. Biodun Fatoyibo, l splashed the anointing oil on my toe. And sundenly, the ignation sized and l was able to sleep bark like a Baby.
And on the second night, l woke up with strange & excruciating pain around the pectoral girdle. I couldn't turn left, right nor lift up my arms.
But, just yesterday at the DAY5 of the 7DG in the Evening section, While Pastor Taiwo was on this Highly exalted Podium of the Most High God, teaching on the Healing ministering of Jesus, Saying"Jesus came to Heal all that were oppressed of the devil. And that, Jesus Himself took our infirmity "
I got home,woke up this morning to realize that all the pains are gone & gone forever. I have come to Celebrate this great and Awesome God of my Father & Mother. Rev.Biodun Fatoyibo and Pastor Modele.
Thank you Jesus

I woke up at at about 1:30am, sensing the presence of fowl spirit, trying to suppress me. l called upon the name of Jesus thrice and slept back. And At about 2:00am again, l woke up and noticed that my left toe was being twisted and l was hurting. I reached out for my annointing, calling upon the God of Rev. Biodun Fatoyibo, l splashed the anointing oil on my toe. And sundenly, the ignation sized and l was able to sleep bark like a Baby.
And on the second night, l woke up with strange & excruciating pain around the pectoral girdle. I couldn't turn left, right nor lift up my arms.
But, just yesterday at the DAY5 of the 7DG in the Evening section, While Pastor Taiwo was on this Highly exalted Podium of the Most High God, teaching on the Healing ministering of Jesus, Saying"Jesus came to Heal all that were oppressed of the devil. And that, Jesus Himself took our infirmity "
I got home,woke up this morning to realize that all the pains are gone & gone forever. I have come to Celebrate this great and Awesome God of my Father & Mother. Rev.Biodun Fatoyibo and Pastor Modele.
Thank you Jesus

I've to celebrate the God of Rev. Biodun

Thanks Be To God.
Yesterday returning from my physician's appointment in a larger city fifty miles from home on a metropolitan freeway, a harrowing experience occurred. At one of the most intricate set ups for the mergers of vehicles as I was beginning to feel the task complete!

Bam, a large Semi pulling a trailer full of something turns from the furthest right side of the merged lanes and crosses 3 lanes to get onto a completely different highway interchange cutting me off, missing me by inches, and almost turning over its trailer by performing this deadly trick!

I visualized God seriously orchestrating the Guardian Angels, Prayer by All Saints and Heavenly Hosts Singing Glory To God For He is Merciful. Merciful to me and at least forty other cars slamming on their brakes while all the car contents not buttoned down move to the front of the vehicle.

What a Kind and Merciful God. Praise Be To God.

My Aunt Marilyn that you were praying for that had Covid with bronchitis has now fully recovered. Thank you so much for your prayers!

I was worried that I wasn't going to get paid this month, so I got prayer - and now I've been paid. And I got a tax refund as well. Praise God! Thank You God! God is Wonderful. And also thanks to everyone who prayed for me.

I accidentally sprayed some deodorant into my left eye, so I got prayer for healing and to prevent blindness - and God healed me so I can see clearly and there is no damage to my eye and no blindness and no pain. Praise the Lord! God is wonderful. I thank God and also thank everyone who prayed for me.

It can only be God. I give Him all the glory. A prayer close to my heart has been answered in the form of 4 unexpected phone communications. May these positive vibrations continue to align in accordance to God's will. Amen.

God is helping my son through his efforts in quitting alcohol drugs and hatred for himself.

Father your will be done. Grateful for Ron, and David, who prayed for me we had such a powerful pow wow in the Lord. After prayer Ron lead me to a another man who then lead me to Brenda who is coordinating programs for helping those out of work in the Community, Brenda gave me a huge opportunity where I can train and at the end of it I'll have a job working in a Hospital that's right around the corner from where I live. Grateful for God leading me into a great position.
Its only going to be be better.
Funny I admitted to having a poverty mindset and got totally delivered from it Selah.
Look up your redemption is drawing closer...

A met a friend in a depressed mood simply because things weren't working out well for him relationship & career wise to I invited him to join NLP sometimes March....
To the Glory of God is engaged to be married to the love of his life in October. I believe God to come through for him concerning his career too.

I asked my pension company to move my pension fund into a drawdown account. They opened a drawdown account for me however the balance was zero (instead of the balance from my original account, which they closed). So I got prayer - and now my drawdown account is showing the balance from the original account (so I can withdraw my pension). Praise the Lord, God is wonderful! Thank You God! And thank you everyone who prayed for me also.

I prayed my daughter would have another child and she is pregnant. Please pray it is an uneventful healthy pregnancy , birth and child. In Christ name I pray for this. Thank you.

We have all been praying for our son Matthew for a long time. While there is much to continue prayers for such as his loss of faith, his incarceration, his upcoming trial, and his brain injuries, I want to share some positives. He recently had his annual review at the prison and was told he was only a few days short of having a year without major infractions there which is huge for him. He has been doing positive things for other inmates as well. Please keep the prayers coming as there is change happening

I was on State benefits and I got a new job (and they paid me) so I requested my state benefits to be stopped, but there was a delay so I was worried I'd get into trouble, so I got prayer and they've now stopped my benefits.

I also emailed my pension company to place my pension funds into drawdown mode (so I could withdraw from them), however they emailed me back to say they were instead withdrawing it as a lump sum it into a bank account (contrary to my instructions). So I got prayer and they've now emailed me to say they're following my instructions and putting all my pensions funds into drawdown mode for me.

Praise the Lord! Thank You God! God is wonderful! And thanks also to everyone who prayed for me.

I asked for prayers for my blood tests and they were fine. Thank you dear Lord

I want to sing praise to the Lord for the "God-incidences" experienced recently. It can only be God working behind the scenes. Amen.

That’s something we can all offer to God: our praise and gratitude. Oh yes indeed. F

All's well that ends well. Thank you Heavenly Father. For the gift of friendship and family. What a wonderful afternoon - enjoyed the camaraderie. And what's more the rains held it! We give God the Glory for time well spent and for providing in many ways. Amen.

Thank you for your prayer for my daughter ...glory and praise she is pregnant !!

I'm starting a new job soon and the terms and conditions said I might have to do international travel, which was scaring me, so I got prayer about it. The employer phoned me today and I mentioned this and she said not to worry as it was generic T&C sent to all employees but that I would only be working from home or their local office. That is a massive weight off my mind - praise the Lord! Thank You God! And thanks to everyone who prayed for me.

I praise and thank God for His continuous love and presence in our lives. Thank you for your prayers my daughter's fallopian are both open. Please continue praying for her

Thanks so much

I prayed for my son’s safety on his business trip and he came home safe and sound. Thank you dear Lord!

Thank you God for my husbands successful surgery.
Thank you God for my successful surgery.

Our dear sister in Christ Janice S. died last week from breast cancer and severe suffering for the last 3+ mos. Not once did she get angry at God, for taking her away from her husband of almost 30 years. She praised God to last breath, happy that she would see Jesus, and children she miscarried in heaven. She was happy and serene until the last breath!

Thank you Lord, my son is now permanent in his job. thank you for all your prayers

I praise my son in law had a safe flight and experience on his business trip and he did. Thank you dear Lord.

Abba, I come before you in Jesus name, Thanking/Praising you for blessing Andre with a dwelling place, for hearing/answering all my prayers for my children, for divine supernatural protection, Thank you! for our victories, for LaToya divine supernatural contracts. Thank you for all that the enemy meant for evil against us you have turned into blessings, victories, favors, healings!. Thank you Abba, I give you ALL the Praise, Glory and Honor!! in Jesus name. AMEN!!

Your prayer warriors along with many others have been praying for my husband George who had his colon removed due to cancer and recent surgery for his arm with nerve damage. His arm is healing and he is doing OT.
We just arrived home from a cancer appointment. Good day at cancer center. Scans were both good and bloodwork good with one showing an elevation that needs to be watched but not treated. Doesn’t go back for 4 months. Very excited Thank you and Thanks be to God

Thank you God for helping everything go well with my husband surgery and recovery

Thanking God for prayers answered in the reconciliation of my sister during the Divine Mercy.

I submitted a prayer request here this morning and the Lord has answered me. I prayed for God to work through a mistake that my friend Gabriel made yesterday, which would have set him back. He just told me that the issue has been sorted. All praise and glory goes to God.

I can’t remember what it was but I submitted a prayer request here and God answered it. Even though I don’t remember what it was I know it was answered because of the peace that came

We have been praying with your help for our daughter Elaine who had lost significant vision to a form of macular degeneration which there is currently no treatment for. She began feeling nauseous and that her vision was going in and out. She went today for an exam. Her vision in the worse eye has improved 20 points in 2 weeks. The doctor said this was unheard of and seemed to be moving toward more improvement. If so at that point they can do exercises to maintain or continue improvement. Thank you for all the prayer power. Keep it coming!

Last month the love of my life had a cancer report. Now, weeks later after surgery and waiting for test results she has today been declared cancer free.

It is the power of prayer that has brought this wonderful and happy news.

I’m praising and thanking God today.

Easter has always been precious to me but this year even more than ever.

Please join me in my thanking God for healing my darling Susan.

I asked for prayers for an unknown area of an ultrasound in early pregnancy. It turns out that everything turned out to be normal. Thanks be to God.

Thanksgiving and praise as my husband had surgery yesterday to help with damage to his arm and hand. The surgery went well and there is hope of recovering use of them again Thank you for your prayers

Thank you God for healing me this week and the provisions I requested. Thank you God for what you are doing and going to do in my life. Blessed. Amazing Father

Pray for all my friends and family

Heavenly Father I praise your Holy Name for all that you have done, are doing and will always do for us. In the midst of so many hard moments, there you have been by our side. May our faith and love for you continue to grow with each day. Where would we be without you? All Glory, Honor and Praise to you

We were stressed about getting the Covid-19 vaccine regarding the serious and standard side effects especially since my wife has a lot of allergies. We prayed and received our first doses. Everything went well with only very minor side effects!!

On Wednesday I got an extremely hard poo making it very very difficult to get my poo out (into the toilet) so I got prayer for God to heal me and to make my poo soft again and a few hours later God healed me and made my poo soft again - so I got all my poo out and now I can poo easily like I did before this happened. God is wonderful, praise the Lord!

God healed my dad of his bad liver and tumor and he doesnt need dialysis and I'm healthy, and I make so many more better decisions, thanks for making my brain bruise heal. Thank you Lord for freeing me of the want and need to drink liquor, party or go to bars anymore!! I'm grateful to the Lord for what he has blessed me and my family with. I’m grateful God healed my ex bf, Lenin of thyroid cancer, we’re not together but that’s ok.

Good morning pastor Bolaji.
Thank you for your prayers
Indeed God is Good and kind to me and I Have felt his power In my health
I was diagnosed of stomach ulcer some time in 2020
I have bn living with it ever since and doing the needful stated by the doctors to avoid getting to a chronic state
I started feeling frequent pains recently ,eating little n always waking at night to eat,I even lost weight n it has bn a source for worry me over weeks now
You mentioned the case of someone with a stomach issue on Monday last week and u decreed (be healed)
I knew It was for me n I received it and started thanking God
From that day till now I have not felt any single pain ,no more loss of appetite
I feel like I have a new stomach already
I am sending this confirm that the power of God is real n he truly heals the sick and can make a man whole..
I am establishing my testimony and I know I will testify more of Gods goodness...All the glory to God

Thank you for your prayers for my husband Louis. His procedure at the hospital went great yesterday. I thank God for all these great doctors and their skills. May my husband continue to be healed by God spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Good morning pastor B,my God is good and kind to me. I'm a student and I've been working rigorously on my academics in the past, so that I'll finish well. But when I submit my work,the grades I see is no where related to the effort I put into them. Now that school has resumed online, I've been slack. Later I realized that I'm in my final year masters and my end grades are very important. I decided to go back to being a serious student but I wasn't serious like before still. I then put my academics into Next Level prayers. The first miracle God did for me is to take me out of a negative environment and put me in a positive environment without me even knowing. We submitted an assignment last week. Lo and behold I woke up this morning and I saw our grades, I got the second highest grade. The joy of waking up to receive good news this morning is unexplainable. I had told God that I must finish with a Distinction this year come what may and I'm sowing a seed of #1000 every week to God. That offering is another testimony because it is 5xtimes that which I usually give to God weekly.
Also I submitted another assignment and this time I scored the highest.
Another amazing testimony is that I've been on a group chat for one of the top Architectural bodies in Nigeria but I haven't been active since last year. In January a post came out requesting for people to take up certain roles. I took one of the roles on February 15th and I've been functioning. You won't believe that one of the top people that controls that body noticed my work and has given me double promotion in less than a month. Today is March 11th. I am now on the same platform with people who have gone ahead in life and it takes certain qualifications and achievements to be on that platform (Remember that I'm a student and I don't have any qualification yet talkless of experience) but look at what God has done for me. This can only be God. I know that God will perfect the good work he has began in my life and I'll come back and testify of my distinction,my scholarship and my dream job. A very big thank you to you sir and the entire team. God of Next Level prayers hears and answers.

Last week I was so broke and in debt too. It wasn’t looking like I have a way to come out of it, I couldn’t even afford to buy myself food. I participated in the 3 days fasting and prayer and before the end of the week, I was able to pay off my debt, eat good food and still have abundance. Thank you Jesus

I had a goal to manage my own lab and a position had posted. I applied to it, prayed for this opportunity and for it to be my dream job. GOD answered my prayers. Not only was I offered the job but I find more and more happiness in my job everyday. I can’t thank God enough for giving me this chance and to prove that I’ll always praise him.

Jesus did it!! I had been praying for a while to relocate with specific needs and expectations. ALL my needs were answered and confirmed. Not one thing was left out. I am safe and happy with a new home, new job, good pay in a new city. Glory be to God!! Thank You Father for hearing me, helping me, and rescuing me in perfect timing in multiple areas of my life. You are worthy to Praised Jesus. Be encouraged people. He will bring you through and out.

A few weeks ago I got prayer for financial provision which I now have! Praise the Lord! God is wonderful!

I submitted a prayer request for my son prior to his surgery last week. Between the WAU prayer warriors, family, friends, acquaintances and beyond, heaven was bombarded and we are embracing a miracle(s). Please continue to pray for our son’s physical and spiritual healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you all with a trust that only grows stronger.

I praise you Lord. Please take away my anger towards everything. Please allow people to forgive me

Special thank you to all who joined me in prayer to our Lord for the recovery of Lydia Ramos who was hospitalized on Sunday with covid 19 in New York. She became stable two days later and will now be released tomorrow. What a blessing! I continue to pray for all others which remain hospitalized with this terrible virus. Thank you for your prayers my family in Christ.

Praise the name of the Lord. On Monday morning first day of February, I got an email confirming my offer of appointment for a new job as COO at a private equity firm based in the United States.

I had applied for a Chief of Staff position and gone through 2 rounds of interviews with the CEO and had been told to wait for a response by 8th of February. Not only did I get a response before then, the position I was offered was greater than what I had applied for.

I had been out of work since March last year and had started looking for work initially within Nigeria. God laid it on my heart to start searching for an international remote job around May last year which eventually culminated in this new job offer. I thank God for His faithfulness indeed and pray God will perfect what He has started. Praise be to God. Hallelujah!

When pastor Bolaji Idowu was praying for healing on the 2nd of February 2021, he said that God is healing a lady’s right ear and she does not even know. I’ve been having issues with my ear since 2016 but I didn’t notice anything before he said it because I was so busy praying for the breast pain that started not quite long but has also ended. Immediately he said it I stopped praying and I noticed that my right ear was very warm inside and I wish I can describe the feeling but I knew for certain that something was going on. Since that Tuesday my normal routine of pains in my ear or having to clean my ear consistently in order to feel comfortable has ended. This is my first time testifying and the beginning of many more testimonies by God’s grace.
One more thing, pastor Bolaji also mentioned a lady that’s scared in her relationship, so she started dating two guys in case one fail her and that she has lose because she’s scared.... because she’s meant to have faith. I’m not so sure if I’m this lady because I’m still thinking about it and I’ve not done it yet, I’ve been dating a guy for close to 6years now and I’m ready to get married as I am but I’m just frustrated cause my partner will sometimes say things like he’s not sure if he’s going to be ready in 7yrs time or get married at all, he says that he’s joking but he says it a lot . So I’ve that makes me really insecure in the relationship, I’m really scared just like pastor Bolaji said and I’ve been considering dating someone else but since I don’t know if he’s joking like he keeps saying, I don’t know if I should leave him. So I’ve been thinking of dating him and someone else together for months now but I’m just too scared to do it and I’m too scared to trust the relationship. And now after listening to the message I’m more scared than ever because I don’t want to lose. I just can’t stop praying about it.

I have asked for prayers to help me with my anxiety. I am much better and have found things to help me. Thank you Dear Lord.

ryan- 5 yr in prison heavy sentence

shela- in need of employment; hasn't seen son in over a year bc of pandemic

We have been praying for our son Matthew who is incarcerated following poor decisions after two different traumatic brain injuries. He is talking about a friend he’s made there that is speaking of God and faith to him. This inmate reminds him that there is good within him. While he says he no longer believes in faith, I feel seeds are being planted and watered. Please continue prayers for his faith

My husband’s cancer numbers continue to go down, and his nerve issues with his hand and arm are improving with expected healing within six months. He continues to experience pain from the removal of his colon and difficulty regulating his body but the doctors continue to work on solutions. God and St. Peregrine are hearing our prayers and responding with hope and positive changes. Thanks be to God and to all the prayer warriors.

Thank you WAU prayer group for your intercession. My son was hired last Friday and started on his new job. That will definitely keep his anxiety controlled and to a minimum. I am thankful to all of you and to our Lord Jesus for always protecting, guiding and blessing my family and me. <3

Jesus I Thank you in advance for full restoration, great health, stability, and a family of my own. Bless your Holy name!

I give thanks for your prayers. I am starting to get well. It is so relieving, knowing when I ask, that I will have relief coming so quickly. I'm still not 100%, but feel the healing going on. Thank you so much! Thank you God!

God healed me....I have been on several medications since last year February that I cannot do without my drugs on a daily basis..... Since I started the fast on Monday I haven't taken any drugs....which has never happened in a long while.....God healed me a d I believe it is permanent in Jesus name....


After years of praying, God has come through and helped me relocate. He has also provided for me financially in an incredible way as I navigate life. Thank you God.

2 Corinthians 12:9 God's Grace is Sufficient indeed. It is only by His grace that we are able to say thus far we have come. In an unprecedented year where uncertainty dominated our lives, it is a blessing to be alive today. To those who have preceded us we pray that their departure remains a reminder to our need to prepare ourselves to that final journey.

Thank you God for EVERYTHING. You have been overly generous with your grace and mercy to me and my loved ones. We remain hopeful that 2021 will carry a Blessing for me and my family and we only need TRUST that all will be well. Amen.

Thank you God for your healing powers, protection, breakthrough, and deliverance. Thank you God for the blessings, Holy Spirit, the abundance of financial blessings, and new House

We are so grateful that the chemo is lowering the cancer cells for my husband. While he still has cancer there is improvement. We thank God and all who pray for us.