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I first give God the glory for seeing this day among the living,and my thanks to wau prayers group,i want wau to pray for my new business i'm about to start that may God protect,guides,guard and grand me success and open doors to all the living in Jesus name Amen.

Your group has been praying for our son Matthew who is incarcerated with two serious traumatic brain injuries. He has been denying his faith for a long time with much hostility. He reported he was sending a cross that he has been wearing to his ex girlfriends daughter whom he considers his daughter for her birthday. The fact that he was wearing a cross and considers it important for her is a starting point. Please continue your prayers and thank you for them

Your prayer group along with many others have been praying for my husband George who is suffering from colon cancer, removal of the colon, and cancer in his lymph nodes. He was to start chemo on Tuesday but was denied due to low platelet counts which has been a problem for many years. It seemed to be a death sentence as they were going to wait for the platelets to increase which has happened only a few times in years. A new doctor has devised an alternative plan to do chemo and the oral meds will start on Monday. We received Holy Water from Lourdes on Tuesday which we have used with our prayers at this point as well. Please continue prayers for his recovery. Thank you

I've been praying for a girlfriend for a long time now, even longer than I've been in college. Still single (despite my best efforts!), but the amount God has taught me during this time has been so much more important. The sting of loneliness still comes, especially during prayer, but this brings me into union with the loneliness Christ had on the Cross, and that makes it all worth it. I'm still looking & praying for my future wife, but God has been truly wonderful during this time.

Thanking God for finally revealing Zac's illness to Doctors. Thanking God for giving them the wisdom and compassion to care for him now he is on admission

ente eesoye najgalude kudubahathe samadhana undakanne....jyothy mole anugrahikanne avalude karyangalum eesoyke samarppikunu...avalude overseas scholarship vegam kittanne eeesoye..thank you eesoye

I have been going through difficult financial times for over 10 yrs and grow weary. This week i felt unsafe and asked Jesus Christ to cover me, my home, my pets and added m travels this morning. Coming home from work i was by human standards justifiably crabby. The roads were empty, not a car in sight. Suddenly the sun peaking through curb lane trees felt sharp in my eyes. I changed lanes and in almost a blink of an eye a car was broke down under one of the trees. It blended in color with the shade, street and heavy trees so perfectly i would never have stopped in time. The funny part is as soon as i changed lanes i thought, oh, now i am in the sun all the time but felt more comfortable. Just as that thought barely fibished i saw the broken down car. I praised God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I laid down to rest and thought why do i think myself unworthy of God's Mercy? If the Holy Trinity in Its Divine way answered me to keep me safe of course God wants to give e His help through His Son and the help of The Holy Spirit. I am not believing myself worthy but i did believe i would be kept safe and i was. It is so difficult to feel i deserve God's help. Thank you and please pray for my faith to understand and feel God's love with more belief to live in health , safe and quiet home with good people as neighbors for me and my pets health and well being. Praise be to God our Father in heaven, Jesus Christ our only Lord and Savior and The help of The Holy Spirit..All guiding me safely especially today on way home from work.

My husband is prostate cancer free. Thank you for prayers.God is good.

My monthly furlough payment was late, so I got prayer and it has now been paid! Praise the Lord! God is wonderful! Also thanks to everyone who prayed for me.

Thank you Lord God for granting my brother, Dante his most loved job in the medical field. May You continue to guide and guard him from all dangers and problems he might encounter in his life and at work. Bless us all with much graces and mercy. You are the greatest God, thank you in the name of Jesus Amen 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Thank you Jesus and Praise God for the intersession of St. Maximillian Kolbe!

I want to give all glory and praise to God for prayers answered. My son passed his licensed exams and will be allowed to practice as a pharmacist.

I want to give all glory and praise to God for prayers answered. My son passed his licensed exams and will be allowed to practice as a pharmacist.

My drive to work takes about an hour round trip on a rural road. There were multiple accidents per week on this road due to drivers not paying attention. I was never in an accident but I had so many close calls. I would either show up at work in tears or home in tears. I honestly felt I was going to die driving this road. Then I started praying the rosary daily. What a difference! It felt like there was a bubble protecting me when driving to work. I felt so safe. Praying the rosary daily to our Blessed Mother Mary has made a huge change in my life.

My brother was recently dying in the hospital. I requested prayers from many family, friends, co workers and acquaintances. Within 24 hours he was given a new chance at LIFE. I thank GOD for answering Our Prayers. He was a Miracle!! He is home recovering.

Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered

God is an awesome God. I give God all the glory, all praises, all honor, all thanksgiving. Father, there is non like you. Thank you Lord for everything you have done for me, I thank you especially for making it possible for me to surpass my sales target after so many years. I praise you Lord and I believe you will bless me with a promotion in Jesus name. Amen

My God I give you thanks and praise you holy name. In the name of Jesus Christ I thank you for healing me last night when I became ill. Upon going to bed I prayed to you, to take this cup from me and restore me to health. Praying for your will not mine. JMJ

My brother has been cancer for 5 years and recently was told he is cancer free. 5 years of praying it was answered. Most recently he was very sick in the hospital and we were told he won’t survive the night. We were he had a 10% of survival that night. We continue to pray and had all our families,friends, coworkers and anyone we knew to pray for him. The next morning the physicians didn’t know what happened but he had 70% chance to live. Make a long story short- he is home recuperating. He has a long rode to recovery but he was and is a miracle. Our prayers were answered. I THANK GOD everyday! I do my best to have others believe in Our Father!

Two months ago I sent my prayer requests concerning REJECTION FROM MY PARENTS IN-LAW, last month my husband suggested that we go visit his grandma who had been unwell and on our way back we passed by my parents in-laws to greet them. They have since been welcoming and kind to us, they love our two sons and they are always calling to find out how they are doing. I thank God for answering my prayer and also the WAU group for praying for me my our good Lord bless you. I pray that God will help me to forgive my parents in-law and forgot as we start a new chapter in life and that God may bless us with a wedding to solemnise our marriage. Amen.

Thanks Jesus ( black Jesus), I have knowing that a woman who stole my ideas for my book, and a man who stole my idea about my talking with an Actor are now criminals. I found out people are tortured by companies and how they are tortured and forced to sign a will. These people who work for these companies are crushed so they can kill themselves, and these people who are tortured are tortured by the Mafia and companies that work with Mafia. The 20th century for African American men when cover record labels were created and puppets, informants, were put there so they can incarcerate African American in the conscious, they created a wiretapping network ( electro magnetic, heart, brain) that is placed in the body like a camera so they can incarcerate these African American men in the Ghetto, Inner cities, working class places, middle class etc. places. They made them into concrete and enslaved these African American through collapsing their systems and making these African American live again and again, each time collapsing a system inside of them, their brain being totally rewired instantly evey nanasecond.

Thanks to your prayers my son came out of heart surgery well. Praise God!

Sorry to report the loss of our dear loved one, Sue Morton who has been on the prayer list.
We offer our thanksgiving for your many prayers from WAU. God bless all!

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Over the years, God has given me about 5 rapture dreams and 1 dream about Hell. I can only remember 2 of the rapture dreams and the Hell dream. I thought they were just for me personally, but recently having watched the many rapture dreams on youtube realised I should give testimony of them. But then I realised I actually have a bigger testimony I should give as well. All of the following is my personal testimony and personal opinion:-

I was backsliding as a Christian and was watching a lot of pornography and then Satan tempted me into making an agreement with him concerning pornography and women. Soon afterwards I was walking outside my workplace on lunchbreak and I encountered some gypsies and they asked if I wanted to make 3 wishes. They said I should put my right hand on a crystal they had and make 3 wishes. Without thinking I put my right hand down on the crystal and asked for “women, women and women”. They also said I would have long life and be successful. They also gave me 3 small sea shells which they said I should keep with me. But afterwards I soon came to my senses and threw the sea shells away and got deliverance ministry and got myself covered again by Christ’s blood.

In the first rapture dream, I was raptured and quickly started rising up through the air with the other people being raptured. As we were going up, I remember looking down and seeing the other people (who hadn’t been raptured) still below and my initial response was (for the first time) realising just how many people I could have reached for the gospel but hadn’t. I started saying to myself “I could have reached them; and them; and them” and my heart was sad for them because of that fact. And then I woke up.

But I later re-backslide into pornography and demonic and made another agreement with demons concerning women.

God showed me a dream/vision of Hell. I was asleep but that was the most realistic dream/vision I’ve ever had (and it completely changed my life). In my dream I was lying in my bed and suddenly I was transported into a dark torture chamber with narrow walls and ceiling like a castle dungeon with cells dotted around and I was lying on a table and this large demon was sawing off my leg. I could see, feel and smell this dream and it was like an out of body experience. I was there a fair while and I was screaming and then I woke up terrified. I woke up and immediately realised that God had given me a very severe warning of the eternal consequences of my actions. I immediately thanked God for the dream. There and then I renounced pornography and demonic and asked God to cancel any agreement with demons; and repented and re-committed my life to Christ (confessing to Jesus Christ I got myself covered again by Christ’s blood).

From that point on I was often attacked by demons in my sleep and was constantly harassed by demons verbally but every morning I have quiet time with the Lord and He often confirms I am in Him and has both spoken to me and given me many pictures confirming what’s going on. I started writing a prayer diary to record what I was hearing and seeing. Among the many words and pictures I’ve heard and seen are:-

• “The bride and groom are preparing and being prepared for the wedding feast”.
• “You should evangelise”
• “Angels are testing your resolve, that is all they are allowed to do”
• God showed me a picture of an infinitely long wall which had armed guards along it and then said that God has put a wall between me and the enemy and has posted angels along the wall. Me and God are on one side and the enemy is on the other.
• Jesus said that I was spiritually cleansed (He said it several times).
• “You will be severely tested by God”
• God showed me a picture where Jesus was reviewing books. He came to one with my name on it and Jesus wrote ‘he’s covered by my blood’ then He stamped it and put it back on the shelf (to the right).
• God showed me a picture of a flame and someone kept trying to blow it out but it could not be blown out and ended up stronger than at the start. Jesus said the flame was me.
• God often tells me to persevere.

God called me to personal evangelism and that is something I used to do (before the coronavirus lockdown) each Saturday and will do again (once the current restrictions are removed, if they are before the rapture). Of course I still contribute to evangelism in other ways.

Jesus told me that my name has not been blotted out but has been reinstated in the Lamb’s book of Life in paradise and that He has declared my name to the Father. I say this not to be “like a Pharisee” and make a false show for man’s approval (as of course I am saved only on the basis of Jesus’s sacrifice alone) but rather as encouragement to others to show them that it is possible for such a Christian to be forgiven (as I was). I personally believe that although a Christian can lose their salvation, they can also gain it again (but only in this lifetime). Once they pass into eternity they cannot change their mind. But all of this testimony is just my personal opinion based on my personal understanding of scripture.

God gave me another rapture dream and in this one it was a sunny day and I was walking in the open in a park and suddenly I started rising up through the air in the rapture. This went on for a fair while and I was happy and talking and smiling with others. Then I woke up.

Needless to say over the years Satan has often challenged me and attacked me in my sleep. He often tries to falsely say that I’m sold out to him. But I’ve also found the following things:-

• Since God gave me the Hell dream and I recommitted my life to Christ, I’ve finally and completely repented and have absolutely no interest whatsoever in pornography or demonic or any of the former things I had before; my previous worldly motives and desires have completely disappeared (for many many years) and now I only have Godly desires to serve God in line with His calling for me.
• God bears witness to me that I am saved. I know that I know that I know. I have more love, joy and peace than I’ve ever ever had.
• Whenever I do personal evangelising, God fills my heart with real joy, like streams of living water rising up inside of me. I actually get more joy through personal evangelism that any other activity. I believe God has hidden the things that give real joy where only the Church will ever find them.
• Whenever anyone tries to insult me, I simply say “I forgive all humans, no matter what they accuse me of” and it’s like in my spirit the insult is converted into a compliment and rather from “bringing me down” actually “lifts me up” and makes me joyful. I think this is another one of those things where God has hidden the things that give real joy where only the Church will ever find them.
• Whenever Satan tries to attack me in my sleep, I simply call on the Lord (in my sleep) saying “Jesus save me” or “Jesus, make me wake up” and I wake up.
• I find it’s best to rebuke Satan with applicable Bible scripture but also with what Jesus has personally revealed to me. So any time Satan tries to say I’m sold out to him I rebuke him for blasphemy (as Jesus has told me my name is rewritten in the Lamb’s book of life and has not been blotted out) and that therefore Satan is effectively saying that Jesus is lying, which is blasphemy (as Jesus always tells the truth). And I declare Colossians 1:13 “God has delivered me from the power of darkness and has translated me into the kingdom of His dear Son”.

Satan sometimes tries to challenge me by saying “How can Jesus forgive you if you’ve committed the unpardonable sin?” referring to my past Christian testimony (see above). I firstly rebuke Satan for blasphemy as Jesus alone is judge (John 5:22). I then ask God if I should answer Satan’s question. Sometimes God says I should. So for the purposes of testimony (if this helps others) this is what I personally believe:-

I personally believe there are actually several types of sin that may fall under the category of “the unpardonable sin” but that even these sins can actually be forgiven (but only in this lifetime). I think the unpardonable sin is any of the following:-

• Where a Christian practices a different false religion (e.g. Islam / Hinduism / Occult) etc. as the Bible says “Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils” (1 Cor 10:21).
• If a Christian deliberately and specifically renounces Christ. I fear and tremble to even write this one down as it is so terrible a sin, so I asked the Lord and he said to write it down (presumably as it might help others reading this testimony).
• Any of the sins mentioned in 1 Cor 6:9-10.

The reasons why I think it is possible for a Christian to both lose their salvation and to regain it again are as follows:-

In the New Testament Jesus said:-
“Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come”. (Matthew 12:31-32).

In the Old Testament (under the old covenant), God stated the following through Ezekiel:-
“But when a righteous man turns away from his righteousness and commits iniquity, and does according to all the abominations that the wicked man does, shall he live? All the righteousness which he has done shall not be remembered; because of the unfaithfulness of which he is guilty and the sin which he has committed, because of them he shall die. “Yet you say, ‘The way of the Lord is not fair.’ Hear now, O house of Israel, is it not My way which is fair, and your ways which are not fair? Again, when a wicked man turns away from the wickedness which he committed, and does what is lawful and right, he preserves himself alive. Because he considers and turns away from all the transgressions which he committed, he shall surely live; he shall not die. (Ezekiel 18:24-27). I think the principle still applies (in relation to “unforgivable sins” under the new covenant through Jesus). But specifically I believe such a Christian must:-

1. Confess each of the “unforgivable sins” (naming each one specifically) in prayer to Jesus.
2. Renounce each of the “unforgivable sins” (naming each one specifically) in prayer to Jesus.
3. Repent of each of the “unforgivable sins” (naming each one specifically) in prayer to Jesus.
4. Say the sinner’s prayer again.
5. If not already baptised, get baptised.

Satan sometimes challenges me with “Jesus said such a man cannot be forgiven either in this world or the next”. But I believe that if a Christian has committed the “unpardonable sin” and hasn’t yet renounced/repented/asked Jesus to save them, then (whilst in that state) they cannot be forgiven. When Jesus said in “the next world” I think he is referring to Judgement Day when I suppose many such Christians will (shortly before being thrown into Hell) beg Jesus saying “but we were once saved” …

I also think Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son actually has 2 very similar meanings (or applications). The first obvious meaning is well known throughout the church (and is central to the gospel). But I think it has a second meaning (or application) concerning a Christian who has committed an “unforgivable sin” and then renounced/repented/re-committed to Jesus because it says the Father had 2 sons and the younger son said in effect that he didn’t want his inheritance in the future but wanted to spend it in the world in riotous living. But after so doing, he later came to his senses and repented and returned to his Father and was received.

I also have testimony regarding healing:-

• Once I got a sore underside of my left foot so that I couldn’t walk properly and was limping so I got prayer for it. Soon afterwards I was lying in bed and suddenly I felt this intense heat in my left leg and it felt like something inside my leg was being re-arranged. The next morning I got up and the pain had completely gone and I was able to walk normally again.
• Sometimes I get odd aches and pains but I believe Jesus gave the church direct authority to command healing in Jesus name (Matthew 10:7-8, Luke 9:1-2, Matthew 28:19). My approach is as follows (NB: I’ve only tried this by myself a few times at home, but it works for me):-

o First I (speaking out loud) thank God that the ache/pain/issue (naming it) cannot come upon me because it was already placed on Jesus on the cross and was dead and buried for all eternity with Jesus, though obviously Jesus himself was resurrected and seen by the people of this world and ascended into Paradise and sits at the right hand of God from whence Jesus will judge the living and the dead.
o I then declare (out loud) “He was wounded for my transgressions, He was bruised for my iniquities; The chastisement for my peace was upon Him, And by His stripes I am healed” (Isaiah 53:5).
o I then declare (out loud) “In Jesus name and applying the blood of Jesus shed for me on the cross, I command“ … (then state the ache/pain/issue by name) … “to go and stay away from both me and this house”. NB: I’m unsure if I should say “applying the blood of Jesus” (as I think it’s implicit with Jesus name, but I just add that for emphasis).
o I then declare (out loud) “Amen”.
o Then I listen to the Lord who usually says “So ordered”.
o Then the ache/pain/issue immediately disappears.
o I then thank God for healing me.
o I then write a praise report.

I praise the lord for bringing my marriage together after more than 5 years trial and tribulations. I feel and see the face of the lord in my home daily and I praise him for lifting us up in our sorrow, pain, burden and fear. Also thanking Mother Mary for interceding through our daily praying of the Rosary. I praise you lord you are the Lilly of the valley, our corner stone, the unloveable mover, the ancient of days, our rock and the omnipotent, omnipotent omnipresence and Omniscience God I give you the glory as we continue to proclaim your name.

I praise the lord for bringing my marriage together after more than 5 years trial and tribulations. I feel and see the face of the lord in my home daily and I praise him for lifting us up in our sorrow, pain, burden and fear. Also thanking Mother Mary for interceding through our daily praying of the Rosary. I praise you lord you are the Lilly of the valley, our corner stone, the unloveable mover, the ancient of days, our rock and the omnipotent, omnipotent omnipresence and Omniscience God I give you the glory as we continue to proclaim your name.

Thank you for your prayers! I'm seeing some miraculous changes in my husband's character. His mental health is much better, and he is more open to spiritual readings and communication. He's becoming more gentle. Acknowledging his love for me. He still does not feel like he's changed but I encourage him to believe that he is changing and that God lives him. Please pray with me that he would see himself as God sees him through the Spirit of Christ our Lord and Saviour. God bless you all!

I was having trouble logging into my online card account yesterday and they didn't show any outages and I retried several times, without success, so before I phoned them, asked for prayer yesterday that the issue would be easily resolved. This morning I was able to log in again and all is as it should be. Thank You God and Praise the Lord! And Thank You to everyone who prayed for me.

Lord thanks for keeping us safe from the start of Covid 19 here in the Philippines (EQC as of March 2020) and continue provide for our finances and our daily needs.

I was having some porridge for breakfast and the first mouthful was really really hot and it felt like the back of my throat was burning.

I first had a slice of kendal mint cake.

Then I made the following declaration out loud:-

Thank You God The Father Yahuwah Yahweh Yehovah that my throat can never be burned because your dear Son Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach took that pain for me on the cross and it was dead and buried for all eternity with Jesus, though obviously Jesus himself was resurrected and seen by the people of this world and has now ascended into paradise and sits at the right hand of you God The Father from whence Jesus will judge the living and the dead.

Then I declared "He was wounded for my transgressions, he was bruised for my iniquities: the chastisement that brings me peace was upon him; and with his stripes I am healed".

Then I declared "In Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach's name and applying the blood of Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach shed for me on the cross, I command my throat to be healed and the pain to stop, in Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach's name and applying the blood of Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach shed for me on the cross, Amen".

Then I heard God say "So ordered". Then the pain stopped immediately and my throat is healed. Thank You Lord!

I should point out that:-
I'm unsure of God the Father's exact name (as the vowels were removed) so I call Him God The Father Yahuwah Yahweh Yehovah.
The above declaration works because I'm saved and baptised; and I believe Jesus took all my sickness on the cross; and I believe Jesus gave all Christians authority to heal disease (Matthew 10:7-8; Luke 9:1-2; Luke 10:17; Matthew 28:19) in His name.
I don't have to declare "applying the blood of Jesus shed for me on the cross" as it's implicit when I say "in Jesus name" but I add it for emphasis.

My boyfriend, Tim is converting slowly and I can see him changing gradually. He's more patient and kind. I even told him about St. Therese and Jacinta. Please continue to pray for his conversion to our Lord.

God is Great! I passed my exam and got the position with the specifications I prayed for by the date I needed. I’m very grateful. Praise God!

I recently asked for healing prayers for my sister who was undergoing a MRI. The result of a recent CAT scan showed something suspicious in her uterus. She was under a lot of stress and I requested physical healing as well as mental and emotional. Well, her MRI showed a non cancerous growth and in her words, “I feel extra blessed because of all the prayers.” She also heard a homily from one of her favorite priests, which brought her much comfort and peace! God is good all the time.....All the time God is good!

Praise the Holy Spirit, two years ago at age 66 I felt very healthy and fit while taking little or no medications, eating well and exercising. My annual check-ups with my PCP were very ordinary and short. I decided to change my PCP in order to have more in depth conversations about my health plan before retirement. It took my me weeks of searching without much success to find a new PCP. One day I came upon a doctor who was not only a PCP but a Cardiovascular Physician. I figured why not! My first exam was routine but very thorough. The doctor did discover on my EKG some slight variance which raised a flag. Upon further testing it was discovered that I had Coronary Artery Disease (hiredetary) which had been hiding in the open for years without symptoms. It wasn't long before I faced quintuple bypass surgery. The docs said I was extremely close to having my first and probably cardiac event before I went to my new doctor. The Holy Spirit gave me that miracle of finding that particular doctor, who had the expertise and experience to read between the lines of my EKG which saved my life. Praise God because on my own I was heading to my demise, but now thanks to the Holy Spirit I can enjoy a very special bond with my only grandson who is now 6 years old and my best friend. Another miracle in itself.

I want to give God the Glory. He has been faithful and I am awash with his abundance kindness. His mercy and grace overflowing. I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions in my life but God has been my constant. Walking this journey with me and for that I am indebted. Thank you God for loving me and taking me just as I am.

There are many Scripture verses to give God praise. I want to stop and say THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER. As I reflect on letters of Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 in every situation no matter what the circumstances) be thankful and continually give thanks to God; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. Amen.

I have been looking for a job for the past 9months now. Last month, I asked the prayer centre to join me in praying to God to find a good job. I got called for a job interview on the last week of June, and on the 1st of July, I was told I got the job. I have and always will be thankful to God Almighty in good and bad times by His grace. I am also thankful to all those who prayed for me, I am praying for you too.

Prayers answered for my sister who has been healed of breast cancer twice. Praise the Lord. And for myself who has been healed for 4 years from breast cancer as well.

Thank you St Rita for your ongoing powerful intercession. Please keep praying for my recovery. Thank You Lord for listening to St Rita.

Please pray for my husband Tom that he can be free of his addiction and hear Jesus calling him to repent and follow the calling of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏

Yesterday, the underside of my left foot was very sore so I was limping, mainly walking on my right foot. So I thanked God (Father/Son/Spirit) that my left foot was healed by Jesus on the cross, then I quoted Isaiah 53:5, then commanded my foot (and anything else in my body causing the pain) to be healed in Jesus name (Matthew 10:8, Luke 10:17), then thanked God again for healing me. Today the pain has gone completely and I'm walking normally again. Thank You God. Praise the Lord!

For peace within our family, to bring our family closer to God's plan, for financial security, for better health and to find joy in our life.

Thank you Lord for healing me from Desmond tumor and bringing back to a strong faith. Thank you Lord for the blessings you have showered on me and my family even though we have been ungrateful and sinful.

Praise lord,Halelluyagh!
1= I am free from pandemic disease.
2=On June 11,20 evening to mid night The armed group enter,broke room doors enter to all room except me & hit,injuer,harras all people in the hotel, & the innocent people including hotel owner spent 2days in small saffocated room jail,but I only rescued from that trouble by God's divine protection, at that bad situation being in room am requesting prayer like this "I need prayer for God's divine protection & safety right now" for different prayer site online & God send me His divine protection & safety angels & rescued me,Praise lord !thanks all for your prayer instantly.

God is Great. I thank him for protecting my family and me from evil. I thank him in advance for what he’s about to do in my life in Jesus name.

Thanks to our Lord and for your prayers. Our brother - Andy, had a successful bypassed surgery last week and on his way to recover. May God bless you all🙏

Tish Kelly is off the ventilator after 20 days & recovering from Covid, Praise be to God!!

Thanks to almighty God who delivered my cousin oluchukwu from the spiritual wickedness operating in his life for past six years

I've been struggling with the sin of masturbation for almost 20years. And some days after joining the daily rosary during the May devotion I realised that the Lord has overcome that sin for me.

Thank you for the prayers for negative test results from a biopsy. All praise and thanks be to God.

Jesus I thank you in advance for the deliverance and immediate restoration of all that I need, lost, and have prayed about. Bless your Holy name! You are worthy to be praised! I give you all the Glory. I thank you for the victory and answered prayers.

Not even 3hrs after I posted my prayer request my brother called and settled a dispute that had been going on for the last year!! It was a true blessing for our family! I thank God for prayers answered 🦋

Thank and praise you Jesus for securing my son's job. He was so afraid that he might be retrenched. Thank you for your great love and mercy, Lord! Tks WAO prayer team for your prayers.

God bless me with good jobs( 2) are you to help me pray for my father and him brother they have serious problem (3)for good health

Praise you Jesus for your abundant blessings and privilege of still being employed by a great employer who continues to pay my full salary while I work from home during the Coronavirus and am guaranteed my job when I return to work, thank you precious Jesus for great health in my family and for continuing to provide for me and my family in every possible way lacking nothing although the world is in so much turmoil and whom I pray for daily!

praise father god for preventing conflicts in my family/neighborhood/and worksite

Thank you again for the problem-free birth and first day of life of my son and for keeping my wife okay and well during the whole process.

Thank you for your prayers concerning my sons divorce. She finally agreed to the shared parenting as we were praying for. I am grateful for your prayers. I know that they helped make this come to pass. Please continue to pray for my son Brandon that God will guide him to be a good and Godly father. In Jesus name amen

In the past few months I sometimes get a cough and I've found the following audible declaration stops the cough immediately:-

"Thank You heavenly Father Yahweh Yehovah Yahuwah, that no cough, flu, sore throat, disease, infection, virus, covid-19, coronavirus, plague or anything of that nature can ever come upon me because anything like that would have done was all placed upon Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach on the cross and was dead and buried for all eternity with Him; though obviously Jesus himself was resurrected and seen by the people of this world; and has ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of you God the Father Almighty from whence Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach will judge the living and the dead. Surely Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach was bruised for my iniquities, the chastisement that brings me peace was laid upon Him and through His stripes I am healed. So in Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach's name and applying the blood of Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach shed for me on the cross, I command all cough, flu, sore throat, disease, infection, virus, covid-19, coronavirus, plague and anything of that nature to stay away from both me and from this house. Amen.".

Then I listen for the Lord and I quickly hear Him say 'So Ordered'. Then the cough stops immediately.

I have been using ...the word among us ...for several have always found it to hit the mark every time with what is concerning at this time I need it's reassurance even more...praise to you for all your good work....HAIL MARY FULL OF GRACE..!!

I requested prayers for healing of body, mind and soul for my son. I believe in the power of prayer and am witnessing the results. He hasn’t felt or looked this good physically in a very long time. I pray his spirit is healing along with his body. Thank you to the prayer community who is interceding on his behalf. God bless you too!

Couple of weeks ago I requested prayer for my niece who was going to have surgery for breast cancer removal; thanks be to God the surgery went well, the pathology results were good and she is recovering well while waiting for radiation to start.
Thanks for your prayers

Thanking God for the healing of our pet parrot and all who have prayed for his healing.

Please pray for my husband Juan he is in icu thay don't know what is wrong with him he has very high fever and high heart rate it was brought down but thay still don't know what is wrong with him he needs lots of prayer

The urgent prayers for a little boy that a tree fell on him - he suffered a broken pelvis, had surgery and is doing well. Thank you so much for your powerful prayers.

I am thanking God for answering my prayers by freeing me and granting me victory at the courts and at the marriage tribunal. I thank Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints that I prayed to for interceding for me. May the name of the Lord be praised now and forevermore. Amen

praise Father God for letting me rest while He prevents my work/family conflicts in Jesus mighty name, amen!

In 2016, I had been given 6 months to 1 1/2 years to live. Nodding off during Eucharistic Adoration, I either dreamt or heard a voice saying, "You know I can do anything." I was put into a clinical trial that saved my life. Now, 3 1/2 years later after repeated CT scans showing no cancer, the doctor has declared me free of cancer. Thank-you God, more than I can say!

Thank God and thanks for your prayers because my niece Kiara who has been stranded at her apartment alone due to the Covid-19 quarantine and lockdown is doing ok. This is less one major reason to get anxious about. Thank you Lord for saving us from all distress.

I want to thank you for prayers for my brother, Tim in Vancouver WA. I called him, he picked up and is alive and feeling good! Praise God! I believe Jesus is healing the celiac disease and asthma in him, and holds all gig workers in his care, through us, during this Coronavirus-19 crisis. Amen.

I thank wau for your prayers God has beging aswering our prayers,someone called me yesterday and send me some money,pray for him for God to replenish him for the kind gesture,i,m still soliciting pls,God bless you all.the acct againt:2013310819,thanks.

For months, I faced a lot of struggles and uncertainty. I prayed to avoid repossession, increase my faith, get back in school, find a decent job and home with specifics. ALL my prayers have been answered to the exact dates. Many times I felt discouraged and great unbelief but God is faithful and his word wont return void. It is a fact he cannot and will not lie. It is a fact he will make way for you. I pray this helps and encourages someone.

Thank you - today's weather was forecasted to be a washout - 100% chance of rain. It held out in the AM so I was able to complete my outdoor activity. I had had tremendous anxiety thinking about it. But the sky actually brightened a bit a certain points and I was humbled by his grace - I even said "Amazing Grace" to myself. I humbly thank all for their prayers and support. I was praying especially hard to the patron saint of bad weather, St. Medard. Glory and praise to the Almighty and to St. Medard.

I and my family continue to give God the glory and i'm still soliciting to spiritual individaul for the financial support to safe us pls acct no:2013310819.may God bless you for the support and heal the whole world from Jesus name Amen!

Thanking all of the wau for praying in recovering my husbands wallet in the time of crisis. Thank You St. Anthony and our Blessed Mother.

Thank you Lord for prayers answered...just hired as a teacher for the 2020-21 school year!

God is true to his word and in faith I asked for urgent prayers for the finding of my husbands wallet and I rejoice that it has been found. Praise God and our Holy Mother.

I thank God for being alive with my lovely family,but honestly i need not only prayers but with financial support to clear my indebtiness that about putting me in prison pls,i will remain grateful for your kind gesture to belt me out.A/C NO:2013310819.GOD Bless you all and heal us from COVID-19.Amen!

Invited God into my life 1985. Haven't missed mass, smoked a cigarette or had an alcoholic drink in 35 years.
God be praised.

Prayer answered report submission.sorry for delay in posting my 3 answered prayers.Dear in Christ, My very stubborn three prayer topics prayed over 4 years is answered.Praise the lord. But two prayer topics are not yet adamantly answered.Usually i post as unspoken prayer topics. But for deliverance speaking the actuals is very much needed for the liberty..One is the pathetic housing where people are made to stay in huge numbers like hen coop and using real estate agents by real estates with mouth and pervert flesh business ladies to raise severe pressure of bodies of the tenants and cut throat money is devoured in three and four fold. the mouth and pervert flesh business people is always reading the mind and if they found the level of the intensity of the deviish spirits they induced is reduced; immediately disguise of picking rent, the abuser will come pressure or fight. please pray for me i can stay away in decent housing with reasonable rent  from this satanic people. the disturbance is not yet subsided in my work place or place of travel or residences. please continue to pray for me. Praise the lord.

I asked you for help jesus to change my life, and you have blessed me. Things are so much better. Thank you!!!

Hello my husband is a prisoner at Lackawanna county prison his name is Ali Yalgin.He wants to request his information is Ali Yalgin Lackawanna County Prison D-6 ID is 2017-01501 1371 north Washington ave Scranton pa 18509-2840 thanks!

Please pray for myself and my family’s health and safety and to have a every day income and that God always be with us

Thank you for your prayers! The Good Lord has healed my husband once again and has given him a repaired heart so that his days on this earth are not yet over! I pray for his spiritual healing and health. Amen! Thank you my Lord 🙏!

About a week ago, I submitted a prayer request for my mother, who was suffering from chronic cellulitis in her leg and was in terrible pain. She has since had a proper diagnosis and treatment and is much better. She is also peaceful, accepting and cooperative regarding her health. She has been given more in-home help as well. We are all very grateful and feel the peace and strength of Jesus taking good care of us when we were so stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling to cope before. Thank you so much for your prayers. God bless.

Glory glory. Less anxiety being focused more of who God is then what he can do. I love how he's drawing his people closer even in this crucial time! It's an awakening to us who really think we know God, to knowing Him the real Jesus not the water down version. Don't think for a minute that all of this birth pangs is for not! Revelation starting to get our attention! Maybe some of us will accept our calling and be good in our witnessing remember the devil does not win! I'm so grateful that He's once again giving us a chance to repent for ourselves, to stand in the gap for those who hate God. Still some will come into His Kingdom No it's there's much bigger story hear it God's people would humble themselves and repent and actually acknowledge that were of doing a great job at wittnessing, isn't it great that He won't allow us to stay stagnant as status quo! I.e. Praising Him for Him for every breathe Intake and for Him shaking me up ☝ for His Kingdom come. The gospel must never be water down, I'm grateful for Him keeping me and those around me in there right mind. Moreover, I finally received money that I can use to minister. It's a start. Expecting God to show up when I step out! Knowing I'm finally growing . Thanks for all who truly are His Servants! Amen!😂

I praise God for watching out for me from the snares of the devil. He kept me from being harm, sick, and death. Will deliver me from all evil and my enemies and into my dwelling place.

praise Father God for giving me more than enough resources to not only survive, but thrive!

Peace/healing/reconcilation of my brothers/sisters/nieces/nephews/their families. My slavery to my desires; lust/fantasies/addictions/impurties/temptations. My financial situation and health problems. Those affected by the virus and that the serpent of the virus be crushed. Have mercy on us dear Jesus. Mercy. My friend/their families.

I praise you Jesus for answering ALL my prayers and keeping me before and through this crisis. I thank you Jesus for the strength to keep going. I thank you for your grace, love, and mercy. I thank you for the zero debt clearance. I thank and praise you for the rest, restoration, employment, freedom, and relocation ahead of me this month.

praise Father God for my cholesterol levels being back down to normal

Thank you for your prayers for my successful interview last week. I moved on to the next level of interviews and will now have a final interview for an ESOL teaching position. Thank you Jesus!

I sent the wrong thing please disregard that thankyou

Please pray for my addiction my family that we get closer to God and together as a family

Honestly your prayers work because i asked for me that am about losing my work but now i was to stay,so i thank you very much for your interceding.

I just can't thank you enough for the Word Among Us! It is inspirational with the daily readings and especially the prayers for the mass especially during this time of confinement.

I’m praying for all going through hardship while at the same time having to deal with the crisis. Please protect those who are suffering.
Lord have Mercy on us

Thank you so much for answering my request about my daughter Michelle. We always say God works in mysterious ways. Because Michelle immune compromised with having lupus, her work place decided that she stay a home until this virus problem is ended. of course, that means there will be no income coming in for her. But God will provide, I am sure. Thank you so much for your answered prayers. It has taken such a heavy weight off my shoulders. God is so Good!
God love you all,


Thank you so much for your prayers. My brother arrived home safe from Korea!

I recently lost my job (so I got prayer) and my ex-boss has just phoned me to say I've got my old job back. Praise the Lord! Thanks to the Lord. Also God is protecting me so I don't get the Coronavirus. Praise the Lord! Thanks to the Lord.