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I would like to give all the Praise , The Glory and the Honour to my Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me with R58000 to pay off my debt. Jesus is My Provider.

Thank you Papa. The Judge was not present today however the date has been postponed by a week. This gives us temporary reprieve. Like the parable of the The Unjust Judge the the Widow, Luke 18:1-8. We trust God that justice will prevail and above all unity of family and mending of relationships will be top priority.

I give thanks and praise to our Lord and God, my daughter's interview for immigrant visa was approved. Thank you for your prayers.

I want To thank God for answering my prayer for someone to put a new roof on my camper but he even had my insurance pay for it. Praise You Jesus for such a Blessing.

Thank you adorable Jesus for the successful breast cancer surgery for Debbie.

Destiny received an okay with her own place, thank you Jesus!

I will sing praises to the Lord for He is good. Thank you Father for your love. In a world of wanting more I know you take care of me. I am enough. Psalm 139-14 It has been a wonderful vacation and now it's time to return home and continue the good work. Thank you Lord for making this trip a resounding successin Jesus' name. Amen!

Thanking for all the prayers on our elected Judge in to the Supreme Court and continue to pray for him into this new journey of obstructions. Continue to pray for this country that our Christian morals will be installed

Thank you Heavenly Father for making this trip possible. I was able to set foot inside St. Peter's Basilica. Thank you for your gift of provision and immense favour thus far! He truly makes all things beautiful in His time. Amen.

Prayer of protection is over my father's life in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

Preliminary blood tests showed that I had a high creatinine level which my kidneys were having difficulty processing. However, a subsequent ultrasound showed that the kidneys were normal. The specialist insisted that since the creatinine level was slightly above 'borderline' set by health standards this had to be Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). In a flash my world changed - I was put on a diet of veges & fruits and lost weight. I was told that CKD cannot be cured and is a progressive illness. That was in June 2018. My family and I stared praying fervently for God's Healing. In August I consulted a 2nd specialist who after blood tests, then examining me and reading the ultrasound reports taken earlier said that there was no way I could have CKD. This was good news but it conflicted with the 1st specialist views. Not knowing what to believe I searched for a nephrologist; someone who is well-regarded with several decades experience diagnosing, treating and operating on people with kidney ailments. In late-Sept 2018 I sought advise. I was sent for another ultrasound and for a 'nuclear' test - which is regarded as one of the gold standards for imaging and measuring kidney health - both structural and functional aspects.. Dreading what may show up I prayed fervently asking Jesus to please heal me. After a 24 hours wait the results were in and the specialist explained that there was no way I could have CKD. 3 months of uncertainty in very difficult, tearful, circumstances came to an end on 21st Sept '18. I learned 4 or 5 valuable life lessons in the process - things I'd never thought of before. I believe the Lord wanted to open my eyes to things I never considered before. But importantly I again saw the delivering power of Jesus, His grace and mercy. He heard my prayers and the fervent prayers of my mother and brother. He wiped away our tears. He healed me. I hope this Praise Report encourages others in difficult circumstances. God Bless.

God is so good! He answered our prayers...offer on the house.. praying for smooth closing. My husband has a great job with wonderful people. I just got another job that will pay more.

the lord has answered three of my prayer topics. the lord richly bless who prayed for me. praise the lord

Let us give thanks to the Lord Almighty for we had a wonderful time celebrating my mother's 90th birthday! For this let us Pray to the Lord!

Giving thanks for all of the prayers for the recovery of Mathias in his delicate heart surgery. Still in ICU and a slow recovery.

My daughter is in school, thank you for answering my prayers Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!!! Praise God!

I can read now! Thank you Jesus!

convert assaination gone in the name of Jesus. Amen

Greetings! The more I seek Him, the more I find Him...It has been a good week and I want to say Thank You God. You know that which I desire and I place it before you King of Glory. I know in your perfect timing you will grant it. Ecclesiastes 3:11.

Thank you for the update on the baby, the timing was perfect!

Thank you Jesus for your healing, merciful love. I thank you for helping me in the time of need, I thank you for removing that "stuff" from around my head and not seeing things anymore. I praise you for expressing love towards me and not forsaken me. Lord and Savior Jesus Christ thank you answering prayers about my son's thoughts of suicide. Amen

I requested prayers about my anxiety.. actually twice as I was feeling so bad .Thank you for praying for me. I do believe I am relieved of this anxiety. as I am feeling 100% better. Just knowing that all of you were praying for me was a wonderful feeling.

Prayer works. Prayer touches the heart of a merciful God. I am writing to thank Jesus for his healing, comfort and peace during a very difficult time when I faced physical, emotional and mental health issues. I continue to need Jesus help and mercy each day. I trust in HIS mercies and love.

3 of my 4 prayer topics is answered. please pray that my remaining prayer topic is answered. the God richly bless who pray for me. Praise the Lord

Praise God for his grace and blessings asked prayer for Ray in Amarillo Tx he had surgery on Tuesday morning took 7 hours his recovery went so well he’s already home Dr’s were amazed now instead of his 2nd surgery being in 8-12 weeks will probably be in 4-6 weeks.Amen to the power of prayer thank you’ll god bless

I was feeling devastated after being diagnosed with a breast cancer recurrence last week. When the doctor said something abnormal showed up on my chest CT scan, I thought my life was over. I prayed and prayed to God to save me. I asked Him for four specific things: 1. Clean scans. 2. Perfect health. 3. A total cure. 4. Miracles. When I met with my doctor Friday, she told me my new scans were clear and I was healthy except for the one area I already knew about. She talked to me about the possibility of a cure. I know this is a miracle from God, and he’s been answering my prayers. I have faith that He will continue to listen, and will save me and cure me completely. God is always good!

Thanks be to God for the wonderful news of our son's latest career success/advancement..he works very hard and we are thankful he has completed this latest step.

I give glory to God and His Son Lord Jesus for their faithfulness. We continue to see God's goodness in our lives even in the dark areas, God shines a light of HOPE. Thank you Papa for making a way. The story behind the vehicle is special and we thank God that it arrived safely. For hubby's job opportunity,we know that good things are lined up. Psalm 37:4. Even if evil seems triumphant, Jesus’ light is still stronger than the darkness. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Amen!!

I asked for prayers that my daughter and her family would have safe flights and vacation to Hawaii and back. They did and I thank God for their protection.

my two prayer topics has been answered recently. the lord richly bless those who prayed or me. praise the lord

I praise the Lord Jesus for healing hearts.

Thank You For The Power Of Our Lord's Holy Spirit, AMEN!! Thank You So Much For Answered Prayer! Holy Spirit Prayer To the Holy Spirit Holy spirit You who Makes Me See Everything And who Shows Me The Way to Reach My Ideals You Who Gives Me The Divine Gift To Forgive And Forget All That Is Done To Me And You Who Are In All The Instincts Of My Life With Me In This Short Dialogue Want To Thank You for Everything And Affirm Once More That I Never Want To Be Separated From You, No Matter How Great The Material Desires Maybe, I Want To Be With You And My Loved Ones In Their Perpetual Glory, To That End And Submitting To God’s Holy Will I Ask From You; (Your Intentions ...) This Prayer Should Be Said For 3 Consecutive Days. After the 3rd Day The Request Will Be Granted. While Making This Request One, A) Promise To Publish It On Granting Of The Prayer; Or B) Promise To Circulate Copies Of It To As Many People As Possible. The Idea Is To Spread The Wonder Of The Holy Spirit.

Prayed for the safety of our daughters flight to Hawaii from CA and the time they are spending there. Everything has been great and now praying for safety on their return August 4. Thank you for you prayers.

Mark’s colon cancer tumor was removed and did not require any other chemicals or surgery. Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to pray for his recovery.

Thank you for the answered prayers!!

giving thanks for prayers answered as I passed my drivers test. Continue to pray for my family for unity and for my husband.

The yeast infection in my mouth has vanished right armpit free of inflammation

I been going to court off and on with my daughter who is a habitual liar very believable. Im shy and dont know how to defend my self against a liar. God send people in my life who saw through the lies and helped me keep guardinship of my four precious babies. I prayed also for my dysfunctional family and little by little Im seeing changes with them as well. God is so good all the time to each and everyone of us every day minute and second of our lives. He and his son and the holy spirit deserves the praise and honor

"Don't be afraid,' the prophet answered. 'Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.'" 2 Kings 6:16 Father, thank You for Your faithfulness to me. Thank You for Your peace even in the midst of the storms of life. I know that You are with me, and I can stand strong because You will lead me into victory all the days of my life in Jesus' name. Amen.

Praise and thanksgiving to God for all things!

Our daughter has returned to Church! For about two years, she had dropped out of coming with my husband and I to Sunday Mass. At Easter time, she decided to return to Church with us, and has been coming with us regularly since the past four months. Thanks to this website for letting us submit our prayer which was answered!

Giving thanks for a successful surgery for cousin Reggie in spite of all complications and all of prayers answered for favors granted.

I read somewhere that if you find that in any given circumstance if the only thing you can ever say is Thank You, that in itself is enough. I am learning more and more to look at my gratitude list and thanking God for the his grace and mercy upon me. I begin a new work week with fervor and immense gratitude. I need to not be anxious but trust the journey and remain confident that God will come through in every situation because of His unchanging nature - Hebrews 13:8. It is well. Amen.

I am just so thankful to God. He has blessed my life with a new child. I am pregnant right now and I have a promise that he gave me when I found out that I was pregnant. I am overly blessed and forever thankful beyond words. I have been through so much and right now I am so blessed and so thankful I can not tell it all!!! Glory to the name of Jesus!!!

the lord has answered 3 of my new prayer topics. the lord richly bless who pray for me. praise the lord

God is so so good. He has done so much for me. So much that i wouldnt be able to list it all here. In the past year he was always by my side even when i wasmt fully acknowledging him like i should have been . I was heavily addicted to drugs and by his grace i was set free. The drugs had such a strong hold on me. without God i would be dead , in prison , or still using drugs. If anyone is addicted to drugs. The lord will set u free . In his word he says to submit to God resist the devil and he will flee from you . Don't believe that you will always be a addict or say that you are powerless over drugs. Don't give power or thought to the devil. i have been freed frommy addiction and it was only possible with God. Remember with God all things are possible , without God nothing is possible. Three good things that he told me to remember. Love, trust God and pray. praise the lord. He is so good

I once sent a prayer request on this page and this prayer was answer. Andrew and his wife are happily married as we all had prayed to God. Thanks be to God and thank you my dear Mother Mary.

Although the matter is not over, I do wish to give a praise report and give glory to Jesus for his help he has done thus far concerning a matter regarding the lose and suspension of my license. Today I received a continuation on my hearing which means I'll be able to drive to my health providers until the next hearing. This very important for my health. Thank God for delivering me one again. Please continue to pray that this matter is dismissed soon without the suspension of my licens

PRAISE GOD SAINTS! I got out of an abusive marriage nearly 3 years ago and I recieved in my spirit that God has already blessed me with a new husband and a man I will remain with for the rest of my life! I am made to be a wife, I have the love of Christ in my heart and it is hard to hold in this kind of meant to be shared and marriage is a ministry that I have inside me. I have not met this man YET...but it is coming...I KNOW IT IS..GOD DOES NOT LIE! So I will praise him in advance and be very discerning..and make sure that he is the one that God has sent to me. Thank you so much Lord, you are my beloved and I praise you!!!!!

I want to thank Jesus for assisting me in making a decision. I needed a quick answer and He provided. Thank you Jesus.

my 4 prayer topics of 6 is been answered of last month's. the lord richly bless who prayed for me.Praise the lord

I had asked for you to pray for my child, Leo, who was hating the 4th grade, and was having struggles related to his classroom. He ended the year on a more positive note. We also had him tested, and the psychologist reports that he has no trouble learning and is quite intelligent. We now have specific areas to focus on and we, as his parents, are feeling more hopeful about his coming year. Thank you to all who prayed and to the angels who I know watch over him.

I am ok to go to California and move, in the name of Jesus. Amen Confirmation through prayers on 6/18/2018

In the month of Jan2018 I prayed for My immigration file to be nominated/approval, which was very difficult to get because of lot of skilled applicant on waiting list, whereas my application was simple and less skilled as compare to other, but by grace of GOD I got Province Nomination certificate, During my PNP immigration process time I was praying frequently with lot of faith on God’s word. In every stage of my PNP filling process, I Got Holy spirit vision and guideline, during that time I experienced a lot of God’s Love and Grace on my application file. Thanks to our Savior God Jesus, its Tremendous Miracle happened in my life, which was impossible to get PNP Nomination during this difficult time.

My purpose is part of God's plan, confirmation that I'm not going to hell. Praise Report!!! Hallelujah, Amen.

Confirmation of the Holy Spirit. Forgiveness of abortions

My head is not with taltics anymore, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen Thank You

Prayed not to be used and abused anymore, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

Transformed renewal of mind praise report, in the name of Jesus. Amen

Praise report that I have been delivered from this stuff over my head, in the name of Jesus. Amen

God has blessed me with a 14 dollar raise in just 9 months. 11 dollar raise in aug of 2017 and today another 3 dollar raise all praise be to the mos high God is and will always be faithful.

Praise report of sexual sin prayers being answered. Amen

Transformed renewal of mind praise report.

I thank God for delivering me from a relationship that wasn't of God, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

I want to thank god for letting me be able to provide for my one year old son as a single mother with a job that I only work two days . I can’t complain for what he has done for me and Aiden I thought I couldn’t raised my son on my own but I’ve accomplished a year with god by my side .

I woke up in the middle of the night in pain-there was a big lump in my breast. I was afraid I would have to go through breast cancer treatment AGAIN. I sent out prayer requests and had others sending them out, too. Went to the cancer center today AND THE LUMP IS GONE!!! The Dr. said I was feeling my rib, not my breast. I know the difference between my rib and my breast. Besides, the lump was NOWHERE NEAR my rib. God did a miracle for me, and I will be eternally grateful!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! By Your stripes I am HEALED!!!

The open heart surgery of my wife which I have submitted for prayer request has been successful. She is now recuperating at home. We would also magnify and praise the Lord for the great blessing accorded to us. The specialist surgeon has made us not pay anything for the whole process though it was done in a private hospital, when it was supposed to have been done in a public hospital. We thank the Lord as well for the hospital and the staff and nurse that assisted in her operation.

Thanks be to God for this beautiful earth!

recently 3 of my prayer topics is answered. the lord richly bless who prayed for me. praise the lord

recently 3 of my prayer topics is answered. the lord richly bless who pray for me. praise the lord

My boyfriend and I broke up, answered prayers, in the name of Jesus. Amen

I praise and thank God for the answered prayers the application of my daughter gelyn was approved last May 18, 2018. Thank you brothers and sisters for your intercessory prayers, more prayers for her for this is only the first stage of the process.

I ask for support and prayers for my family and for me bless me god and thank you for all my blessings I’m sick with lupus take care of my two grandkids their farthest aren’t in their life I ask god to bless me with better health I’m all they have just give me blessings to b there for them I love my granddaughter she is 15 yrs my Justin he’s 6 they love me and I love them so wish me luck thanks god bless

As an international student living in London without family it was a difficult decision to remain committed throughout the PhD. There were so many low and overwhelming moment, through prayer, fellowship and support from family and friends, I am happy and proud to say that after an exhausting 4 years, I am coming out victorious at the end. I offer my work and degree to our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank the wau prayer team for offering their prayers for me, I am so grateful to God for the service you do all over the world. Praise God... May the Lord be with us.

Praise God for answered prayers!! Bless The Word Among Us prayer warriors for their sincere devotion in offering prayers for us. Thank you Mary for untangling the knots in my family and being my intercessor. Hope and faith has been restored.

Please I pray you give me more strength more patience to take care of my family and kids they need me they don’t have theirs parents so I ask you lord keep me in good health and strong god bless eg

I give God the glory. No prayer is too mundane or too heavy a task for Him. Thank you Lord for meeting me at my very point of need. It is well. Psalm 86:7 In the day of my trouble I shall call upon You, For You will answer me. Amen!

Our minds are stable, praise report. Amen

I got the job that I was praying for. thank you and God bless.

We are in economic bad situation. Please pray for us. Thanks.

Thankgiving that my presentation went well, for prayers from friends, my family, and to be able to serve others while I wait to get a full time job. God bless you.

Thanks and praise to the heavenly Father from letting my mom escape death twice this week and His miraculous healing. Amen

I praise and thank God for saving my daughter Klaire from a serious injury when she fell with her car seat at the Restaurant. God protected her and showed God is always watching and in control when everything is beyond our control Thank you Jesus for being with us and for protecting our family as we continue to serve and trust in You We love you Lord Amen

A group of acquaintances lost their jobs recently due to the workplace apparently being excessively staffed with not enough work for the workers, and we had given up them getting their jobs back anytime soon. Many of us prayed for a long time, a few of them giving up that this job was God's plan for them. Some good news came very suddenly today that the managers had a change of heart and everyone has their jobs back! God answered a very specific and impossible prayer, and I am grateful. Blessed be His name!

Thank you for praying for me! I received my Va disability increased.

Praise report - The lord has answered two of my prayer topics. Praise the lord abundantly

Thank you for continuing to pray for me to get a job in Seattle. I had two good interviews last week for the same company and liked the woman who interviewed me because she was kind.

I was in hospital for a week,became ill Easter Sunday and came home April 6. Thursday of that week was praying from Psalms 24 and felt Holy Spirit just come over me. Felt a peace and as if I heard a voice saying,( I have you in the palm of my hand,everything will be alright) the urologist came in Friday, said,this has cleared and you won't need dialysis. I am sending you home, there is no follow up. You will be fine. He was amazed. I was acknowledging God's healing power. Praise the Lord. I was able to even attend Divine Mercy Sunday. I talked to the Father after mass privately and he agreed. God's healing power. Thank you for allowing me to share with you a moment of praise. By the way I am 70 .

Thank you Papa for the blessings you have bestowed upon me. May I be a blessing to others as others have been touched to be a blessing to me through being moved by the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Praise Jesus and thank you for your prayers. My daughter passed her Praxis exam today!

I am so grateful to have Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Thank You God Jesus , Mother Mary, st Anne , St Faustian St. ANTHONY St Jude Holy Spirit and Guardian Angel Arch Angel Michael Angel Gabriel. For all answered prayer Glory to you all.

Giving thanks for the on going recovery of Nicholas as he has finished his last dose of chemo and now has to be checked from time to time. Thank you Lord for all of the past intentions being answered. Lord you know the paths we take and continue to guide us.

Thanks to God for allowing us to be told we will be grandparents for the first time!

Thank you for your son did get the promotion...Thank you God!

My sister's spinal surgery went very well and is recovering, Thanks be to God.

Thank God for successful surgeries and treatment for those who prayer requests were submitted. Thank you prayer team and may God continue to bless you all.

Thank you again Lord Jesus for making the operation a success and giving my senior another chance in life. Now all that's left is for his swift and full recovery (and that there are no malignancies that were left behind and that none that will follow). Thank you. And thank you prayer team.

I thank God for healing me from sickness and gastritis. For the last few days I had suffer cough, chest-pain, weakness and stomach ache. But God has restored my health. I am fully recovering and I am now able to go back with my normal routine. I am now stronger than before. I am now able to consume food and drink that I wasn’t able to consume before. I thank and praise God for healing. He is my Healer.

Praise and Glory to God for He is good...I was bless with a part-time job. Thank you for your prayers. May God richly bless this prayer ministry...Thank you