The Word Among Us

September 2005 Issue


The Fruits of Repentance

Have you ever tried to clean a sidewalk, a driveway, or a concrete patio? Of course, scrubbing and scrubbing with hot water will wipe away some of the dirt, but if you want to restore it to its original whiteness, you need something more. In many cases, a good dose of bleach will do a fine job—and often with far less labor on your part. All you have to do is pour out the cleaning solution and spray it with a blast of water. Then, almost miraculously, the dirt rolls right off, and the concrete is as good as new. More »

Doesn't it feel wonderful to be forgiven? When spouses have an argument about something petty or silly and the one who started it is able to say, "You know, I was wrong. I'm so sorry"—isn't there a feeling in the heart that is especially wonderful? When children are disobedient and finally admit it, doesn't it feel great when their parents tell them that they are forgiven? When friends argue, doesn't it feel terrific to regain the lost friendship and say, "All is forgotten"? More »

Do it or else! How many parents have felt compelled to issue such a threat to their children? While speaking in love, these parents know that they must be firm as well. They know that an important issue is at stake—something that will have an impact on the future of their child, and they want to make their point clearly and forcefully. More »

Special Feature

It is an early winter day in Naples, over seven hundred years ago. Two men in the distinctive black and white robes of the Dominican order make their way to a small chapel. One is a large man with sharp, intelligent eyes. His clothing is frayed and poorly fitted. The other man is younger, an obviously attentive friend. More »

Do you believe in miracles? I do. After years of infertility, I am now the mother of two children—one by adoption, and the other by birth. Both of my children are miracles. My adopted daughter was a miraculous gift from a birth mother. My son was a miracle from our bodies, conceived during the process of applying for a second child by adoption. I rejoice in these beautiful surprises from God! At the same time, I am also very grateful for the powerful way God worked in my life during the years of infertility that preceded these miracles. The reflections below are my attempt to express the vital lessons God taught me during that season of loss, loneliness, and pain. More »

The Bible came alive for Jeanne Kun during her college years, when she entered into a deeper relationship with God through the Charismatic Renewal. "I developed a great hunger for Scripture as I fell in love with the Lord and discovered that I could meet him in his word." It was the beginning of a life-changing encounter that has continued over many years. More »