The Word Among Us

January 2008 Issue

Your Faith Has Saved You

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Publisher's Letter

As I write this letter, one of my dearest friends is being called home after a long illness, and another friend who is only forty-four years old is struggling with terminal cancer. In both instances, many of us have been praying for—and with—these people for healing. And yet no healing has come. More »


Jesus asked this question of a blind beggar who was calling out to him in the middle of a crowd of people. And with great courage, the beggar—whose name was Bartimaeus—told him: “Master, I want to see.” That’s all it took, and Jesus healed him. More »

How happy is this woman! In the midst of such a great multitude she was so much alone with Christ that only she was aware both of her restoration to health and his exalted power! More »

All the theory and teaching we have been looking at can be exciting, but it has its limits. No matter how deeply we delve into these stories of healing and restoration, we still have to ask whether we too can experience Jesus’ healing touch. We still have to ask what it will take for us to be set free. So the time has come to look at four keys, four steps we can take, that will help bring us to the point where we hear Jesus say to us: “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.” More »

Your Faith Has 
Saved You

In our first article, we looked at the faith that the hemorrhaging woman had—a faith that helped her press in through the crowd to receive healing from Jesus. In this article, we want to take a look at Jesus’ words to this woman: “Your faith has saved you” (Mark 5:34). More »

The Faith That Heals

Imagine having to endure a painful and embarrassing illness for twelve long years. Now imagine going to doctors, only to be given treatments that made you feel worse than before. Next, add to that the crushing weight of all those medical bills. Wouldn’t it be tempting just to give up and accept a life of misery? Maybe you should just learn how to deal with the pain—and hope for an early death. More »

Special Feature

You Are Not Alone

Some of you who are reading this have lost a family member to abortion. You may have friends who have participated in an abortion. Or perhaps you have had an abortion yourself. More »

“They Are Our Brethren”

Not long after his election as pope in 1959, Blessed John XXIII surprised the whole world when he announced his intention to convene the Second Vatican Council. Nobody expected this affable son of peasant farmers to take such a bold move. He was supposed to be a “caretaker pope,” spending his remaining years preparing for the next pope. But Angelo Roncalli had other plans. More »

Words of Wisdom about a Painful Subject

When I was eighteen, I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend said he’d kick me out of our apartment if I didn’t have an abortion, and my employer agreed that this was the only logical option. She even offered to make the arrangements. My experience at the abortion clinic was painful and humiliating. I cried that day . . . and the next. Then I cried alone because my boyfriend and I broke up. More »