The Word Among Us

June 2014 Issue

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

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Publisher's Letter

A Glorious Seal

Since ancient times, kings have been using signet rings to seal their personal letters and other valuable items. A small amount of hot wax was poured over the sealed envelope or container, and then an embossed ring was pressed into the wax to make a unique imprint. More »


Jesus Is at the Heart of Every Divine Mystery

If someone asked you to give a one-sentence summary of your faith, what would you say? That Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again? That you believe everything that is held and taught by the Catholic Church? Or would you simply say, “God is love” and leave it at that? More »

Jesus Is Closer to You Than You Think

The next time you get a chance, walk into a bakery and take a deep breath. Take in the aroma of all the different breads, cakes, and pies. It’s heavenly, isn’t it? You know that eating one of those tasty treats would be so much better than smelling them! More »

Special Feature

I’m Going Home like a Shooting Star!

On June 17, 1989, less than a year before she died of bone cancer, Sr. Thea Bowman was invited to address the American bishops. Different as she was from this group—a Southern black woman, a nun raised among Protestants, a dying woman vibrantly alive—Sr. Thea was fully herself and very much at home. More »

A Different Kind of Martyrdom

Martyrs go straight to heaven. I first heard this when I was about five and, after quickly thinking it over, I decided to ask God to let me die as a witness to the truth. It seemed to me the surest, fastest way to be with Jesus forever. Trekking through the jungle, sharing the good news with a lost tribe, being quickly put to death—it couldn’t be all that bad, right? More »

A Surprising Confession

I confess: it takes me a long time to prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. That’s because I tend to waver between two tendencies. More »