The Word Among Us

June 2014 Issue

A Glorious Seal

A Glorious Seal

Since ancient times, kings have been using signet rings to seal their personal letters and other valuable items. A small amount of hot wax was poured over the sealed envelope or container, and then an embossed ring was pressed into the wax to make a unique imprint.

Once the wax hardened, the envelope could not be opened without breaking the seal. So an intact seal showed that the package had remained unopened and that it really did come from the king. In a sense, the signet ring was a symbol of power and authority.

St. Paul used this image of a seal to express the work of the Holy Spirit in us. His presence and his power in our hearts verifies that we belong to Jesus, our true King and Lord. What’s more, the Spirit acts as a seal to help preserve and protect us from the devil (2 Corinthians 1:21-22).

A Living Seal. What a great privilege we have! The Holy Spirit—the third Person of the Blessed Trinity—has sealed us for eternal life. He has made us God’s sons and daughters and heirs of the kingdom. This seal is not just an emblem or a mark. It is the Spirit himself, living and active in our hearts. So not only do we have God’s seal of approval; we have God, in the Person of the Spirit, constantly protecting us and telling us that we belong to Christ.

Do you want to know something else about this seal? Not only does it help keep the evil one out of our hearts; it also seals Christ in our hearts. It’s the Spirit who works to remind us of the greatest gift God has given to us: “Christ in you, the hope for glory” (Colossians 1:27).

This month, we want to look more deeply into these seven words from Saint Paul. First, we will look at “Christ” in and of himself. Then, we will look at the blessing of having Christ “in you.” Finally, we will look at how his presence in us fills us with “the hope of glory.”

The very concept of Jesus living in us, moving us, and guiding us can be hard to understand. It’s one of the great mysteries of faith that theologians have puzzled over for centuries. But as mysterious as it can seem, even the simplest among us can experience Jesus’ presence through simple, heartfelt faith.

I hope you enjoy reading this month’s issue. I hope it moves you, as it has moved me, to rejoice in the height and depth and breadth of God’s love for you. Just taking a moment to think that Christ lives in me can bring me to my knees in worship. May we all rejoice in this awesome gift!

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