The Word Among Us

August 2015 Issue

Coming to Know the God Who Loves Us

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Publisher's Letter

He Is My Father

Over the years since we started publishing this magazine, I have used this space to share stories from my own faith journey. More »


Who Is My Father?

Have you ever made a snap judgment about someone, only to find out you were completely wrong? Maybe it was the way he dressed that led you to believe he was irresponsible or vain. More »

A Generous God

When Jack’s son, Troy, was arrested on charges of drug possession, Jack’s world collapsed. He knew that Troy had gotten into trouble before, but he had no idea it had gone this far. More »

A Faithful Father

It is a common misconception that the portrayal of God is very different in the New Testament from the picture we see in the Old Testament. According to this view, the Hebrew Scriptures depict God as a transcendent Creator or stern Lawgiver, punishing the sins of his recalcitrant people. More »

Special Feature

All Over the Place for God

“Look, honey, there’s that guy again!” I overheard a woman say to her husband. “He’s all over the place!” She was pointing to the statue of Fr. Junípero Serra, which stands in front of Mission Santa Inés, where I was pastor. More »

Partners in Evangelism

Chad Perreault is now serving with a Marine unit in Afghanistan, where Catholic chaplains are also in short supply. More »

The Uganda Martyrs

In his living room wall, Matthew Segaali has a painting of twenty-two young men and boys in Ugandan tribal dress. Some of them are standing in front of a backdrop of upraised spears; the rest, in front of flames as tall as they are. More »

An Encounter with Holiness

We are seated on faded plastic chairs perched on the dirt floor of a one-room corrugated tin home. It belongs to Ovalia, a forty-three-year-old Guatemalan woman who is expecting her ninth child. Her face is lined, her hands rough. Her eyes are weary, but they seem to shine with an inner light. More »