The Word Among Us

June 2021 Issue

The Call to Surrender

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Publisher's Letter

Surrendering to the Lord

My eighty-nine-year-old mother, Barbara, has been living with my wife, Jeannie, and me for more than a year now. These past couple of years have been particularly challenging for her. Month after month, she loses some ability that she once had. More »


The Challenge of Surrender

What images come to mind when you hear the word “surrender”? We often associate it with the end of a war, when one side lays down its arms, waves a white flag, and yields to its opponents. If we’re the ones surrendering, we associate it with losing to the enemy. More »

Come, Follow Me

Tom was an experienced executive in a Fortune 500 company when he received a call from a friend who had been heading up a local charity that served the poor in his area. “I’ve decided to retire,” his friend said, “and I want you to consider taking my place.” More »

Offering Ourselves to God

The prenatal test was inconclusive. The baby growing inside Jill’s womb might be just fine, or she might have lifelong disabilities. Doctors urged Jill to undergo further testing, but Jill and her husband refused. More »

Special Feature

One of God’s Originals

As we all know, our world is becoming increasingly connected through social media and other uses of the internet. More »

My Spiritual Heart Transplant

“Grandpa, you have a birthday card from Mother Teresa!” I exclaimed. As a young girl, I knew that my grandfather made images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and shipped them all around the world. More »

Finding Christ in the Military

With three hundred thousand Catholic young adults in its ranks, the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, is the largest organization of young adults in the world. It also has the greatest need for evangelization of and engagement with Catholic young adults between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine. More »