The Word Among Us

July/August 2021 Issue

Publisher's Letter

Take, Lord, Receive!

Sometimes in my daily prayer, I like to listen to a hymn or two to help me come into the presence of the Lord. Over the past few days, I have been listening to the hymn Take Lord, Receive, which is based on a prayer by St. Ignatius. More »


Waking Up to the Water

Two young fish were swimming along in the ocean one day when they encountered an older fish, who said to them, “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” The two young fish swam on, and eventually one of them turned to the other and asked, “What the heck is water?” More »

Separating the Truth from the Lie

We all know the value of retreats—of withdrawing from the world for a short time to focus on our lives in Christ. Iñigo arrived in Manresa and retreated to a cave—for eleven months! It was a difficult but crucial time in which he learned a great deal about himself. More »

Surprise Me!

By the end of his life, St. Ignatius of Loyola was pausing every hour to examine his thoughts, actions, and feelings. But it wasn’t because he was being overly scrupulous about his sins. This hourly examination flowed only from a place of surrender and love, which was almost childlike in its totality. More »

Special Feature

A Journey into Someone Else’s Soul

We often think of saints and Christian heroes as courageous martyrs, bold evangelists, or untiring founders of religious orders. We envision people who had a dramatic impact on the Church and the world around them. But that’s not Elisabeth Leseur’s story. More »

It’s Never Too Late to Forgive

If only you were here, I thought, this wouldn’t be happening. My stepfather’s neglect had turned to abuse, and I hated that my biological father had abandoned us and wasn’t around to protect my mother, my brother, and me from him. More »

The Life-Changing Message of the Kerygma

Human beings love to share good news. Whether it’s about amazing innovations, fun developments like your favorite football team’s latest trade, or thrilling family announcements, we enjoy announcing the news that shapes us. More »