The Word Among Us

Easter 2022 Issue

The Lord Is My Shepherd

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Publisher's Letter

The Lord Is My Shepherd

What a gift the Scriptures are! They’re like a personal letter that God himself has written to us. More »


The Good Shepherd

We’ve all seen paintings, stained glass windows, and statues of Jesus with a staff in his hand, lovingly carrying a lamb on his shoulder. More »

The Lord Is My Shepherd

If you asked a group of people which of the psalms is their personal favorite, Psalm 23 would surely be near the top of the list. More »

Special Feature

Give Them God

The young woman lifted her head. Tantalizing dreams of choice foods had yielded to equally enticing thoughts of suicide, which now seemed almost a friend and a mercy. More »

Just Let Me Love You

My husband, Easton, and I have been married for twenty-one years, but we had a rough start. More »

The Missing Piece

Here I was, in my mid-twenties, sitting in my physician’s office, discussing the results of a series of medical tests. More »