The Word Among Us

September 2022 Issue

Publisher's Letter

God Calls Each of Us to Be Holy

Let me tell you about a woman who goes by the name of “Scooter.” She attends a local prayer meeting that I frequent. More »


The Least of These

What is Catholic social teaching? At first blush, it sounds like a topic for a high school thesis paper that Sr. Margaret would make you write during detention. More »

Go and Do Likewise

Perhaps by now you have a fresh appreciation for the social teachings of the Church. But that’s just the beginning. More »

A Bayou for Holiness

As we begin our video call, Fr. Joshua Johnson tells me he would like to begin with a confession. “I did not like church growing up,” he says bluntly. More »

Special Feature

Forming the Church of Today and Tomorrow

At a time of decline in Mass attendance among young adults, the goals of Catholic campus ministry might seem limited to simply keeping students Catholic. But the ministry team at Lyke House in the Archdiocese of Atlanta is still holding on to a larger vision. More »

A God Who Listens Patiently

I took a deep sigh as the warm shower ran over me. It felt good to have a few minutes of quiet while my husband kept his eye on our two young daughters. But those few minutes were interrupted by my husband’s voice: “Your dad is on the phone.” More »

Man of Medicine, Man of Prayer

A few years ago, I watched a documentary on television called The True Cost. It explained the devastating toll that the fashion industry takes on people and our planet, along with the vital importance of shopping ethically and sustainably. More »