The Word Among Us

Easter 2023 Issue

One Family in Christ

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Publisher's Letter

One Family in Christ

My dad, Don, who passed away in 2016, set a truly fine example of faith for his nine children. Even amid a busy job and a big family, he and my mom made time for 6:30 a.m. Mass every day before heading off to work. More »


The Gift of Christian Community

The streets of Jerusalem are crowded with people who have arrived to celebrate the feast of Weeks, or Pentecost. As a resident of the holy city, you’re used to the excitement and the jostling of people that are common on these special days. But today is different. More »

One Body in Christ

Even in the ancient world, news traveled fast. The city of Antioch is three hundred miles north of Jerusalem, but it wasn’t long before the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem heard about the new things happening there. More »

Love One Another

Jesus must have shocked the people listening to him the day that members of his family stood outside his door waiting to speak with him. More »

Special Feature

A Grace That Conquers All

If there’s one sure sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit, it’s unity. More »

Embracing “This New Life”

The hotel room reeled as I hung up the call, stunned and in tears. The intensity of the week spent in class working toward my master’s degree seemed to pale in comparison to this news. More »

Become What You Behold

Years ago, some friends and I drove into the beautiful and wild mountains of West Virginia for a weekend of rock climbing and camping. More »