The Word Among Us

July/August 2023 Issue

Publisher's Letter

Journeying with St. Paul

One of my favorite disciples in the New Testament is St. Paul. Over the years, I’ve heard people speak glowingly about Paul, while others have told me that he was one of the biggest troublemakers in the early Church! More »


Bear Your Share of Hardship

Let’s travel back to Rome in July AD 64. There, we find the apostle Paul bound in a Roman prison. More »

Take the Time to Love

People suffer from all types of loneliness. I can remember how lonely I felt the first time I went away to college. More »

Finish the Race!

Paul faced many highs and lows in his ministry. Building the church in a foreign land was not easy. But Paul was relentless. More »

How Can You Thrive in Your Faith

Fr. James Mallon has an important message to share with the Church, one that resonated with me when I read his first groundbreaking book, Divine Renovation. More »