The Word Among Us

February 2020 Issue

“Don’t Forget about Me”

When my sister left home, I gained a new friend.

By: Alisha Ritchie

“Don’t Forget about Me”: When my sister left home, I gained a new friend. by Alisha Ritchie

The sun pierced my eyes as I watched my sister’s white Honda disappear down the driveway. Hot tears welled up. My big sister was gone—really gone. She had left for college and deserted me, her twelve-year-old sister. My tears now erupted into full-blown sobs. How long would it be until I saw her again? Days? Weeks? Possibly months? To be fair, her college dormitory was only thirty minutes away. But as far as I was concerned, Michelle might as well have been a million miles away.

Facing Being “Alone.” Even now, at forty years old, I remember how plagued I was by loneliness and despair after Michelle left for...


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